Stones of Alignment | STAR
Stones of Alignment | STAR
Stones of Alignment | STAR

Stones of Alignment | STAR

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It's a little hard to imagine something like Stonehenge just appearing out of thin air. Despite it not having any obvious purpose, some imagine that they do have one but given how old they are, it's often difficult to imagine how Stonehenge came to exist. The stones themselves are massive - probably impossible to move with the limited if not near-nonexistent tools that men so long ago. However, the one thing most people agree on is that it came from somewhere because that's what make sense. It had to come from somewhere. And it did... exactly where people think it did. Stonehenge really did appear out of thin air.

For as long as it has been there, Stonehenge has been one of many of the various meeting places that exist for ancient celestial beings that roam the realm of Earth, some of which are older than mankind itself and even back then, the stones did not look like they do today. In fact, they were cleaner and far more detailed status, some of which were designed to represent the faces of some of the beings that visited it. They also used to have full bodies beneath the heads but those are now buried quite far beneath the heads that rest upon the surface, some of which are detached.

Anyway, they would gather for various reasons, typically on behalf of human affairs. The ancient beings were often direct and heavy influence over the power that circulated through living so the matters they would discuss were often in reference to the progression of said magic. That being said, this didn't pertain to all magic but some of it was monitored. Some of it was managed by these beings to ensure that mankind didn't access more power than they could handle. The accidental destruction of the planet wasn't really only anyone's agenda. So the stones were created as a way to balance the influx of magic. There are multiple of these stationed all around the world but many of them are now inactive due to the fact that most supreme occultist are aware of their placement and have dedicated many years to destroying them.

The same thing happened to Stonehenge. Each of the stone-heads used to have a gemstone embedded in the foreheads of the statues, all of which were the same type of jewel. It was handcrafted by humans to maintain the guise of being a vessel easily effective on humans - though mankind did not know that that is what their work was going to be for - and the power inside of it was an elaborate cocktail of different forms of light, dark and dual magic from the celestial that managed the power circulation of the humans. These gems were filled with extraordinary amounts of unused magic that was being denied to mankind.

Think of it almost like a filter that screened every bit of magic that ever was pulled from any body of magic that only really ended up allowing 1/3 or perhaps half of the power actually get through while the rest of it was stored. When magic began to evolve more rapidly than the stones could filter it, it became general knowledge to the supernaturally inclined that there was an obstruction causing power to come at a lesser caliber and naturally, like most things who discover a thorn in their side, they sought out to remove it.

A very small and old ancient group, one that actually no longer exists, called the Blue Flame, was the first to spread this concept. It caught on a bit like fire to fuel and there was a sudden spike in ritual conduction and power leeching from some of the same beings that gathered upon these sites in an effort to manage magic. They would first find out the location of these beacons through the eyes of the celestial being that had frequented them, pull from their magic and then set out to release the power from the sites hording the magic that they believed was rightfully theirs.

In the case of Stonehenge, it was one of the first. The jewels were pulled from the stone figures, which released the magic circulating through out the stone and caused some to collapse while other sunk into the ground and lost their regal appearance. Time that had not been allowed to affect them destroyed them once the magic was no longer in place to protect them, leaving the stones more brittle and vulnerable.

This piece consists of just one of these stones and, among other things, it will give you full psychic awakening and therein the ability to fully access psychic abilities. Your mind will become the center off all that you are capable of, including the magic you can access. Additionally, your powers will never grow weak because you will become the sole vessel that manifest the power that fuels your magic. In other words, the source you draw form is yourself and so you have complete control over it. Any magic or item of power that houses magic or unique magic can also be drawn into you so it can never be taken from you, can never be lost and can never deplete. Unique, beautiful and extraordinary, this item is truly powerful and effective. We believe that the reason the stone has taken on a more psychic nature is because it was, for quite some time, in the possession of a very long line of psychic witches whose relative had been one of the people to actually attend, in person, these movements of release. That being said, though it focuses on psychic awakening, it is capable of any form of magic that can be utilized through the means of dual magic.

The stone in the ring is the original crystal found upon the Stonehenge but the metal is not original. The stones have never been held in metal until now.


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