Stones of Carnac, Name Your Djinn

Stones of Carnac, Name Your Djinn

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If you’re unfamiliar with this site, it can be best described as a huge cluster of over 3,000 stones of which are closely situated among each other in relatively neat rows. The site was created somewhere in between 4500 and 3300 BC and the theories that surround its existence range from an astronomical alignment to create a form of calendar to a method of detecting earthquakes.


Regardless of whatever it may have originally been created for, one of our associates—she has asked for us to not disclose her name—who has been investigating several sites in France, returned with this piece, which she found while visiting the Carnac stones late at night. She says that the sky itself, while in the center of the site, seemed to glitter and shine clearly, almost as though the entire atmosphere had become crystal clear. She could see stars of various color shooting across the sky among others. It was sometime during those few moments of being transfixed, one of the shooting stars seemed to dash across the sky before turning and appearing to be heading straight for her.


Before she could even think to run, the shooting star had already flown right past her with a heated breeze that turned cold a second later. It hit the ground a lot softer than expected, a thin trail of blue smoke slowly rising from grass before it disappeared completely. Upon approaching the unidentified object that had just fallen from the sky, she discovered this piece, which had been glowing and from it had appeared a djinn without a name.


To encounter a djinn immediately after it is created is an enviable experience—the spirit is entirely pure and obedient and can be molded however you wish. You may even choose its name as its first master and from it you can receive anything you wish.  In other words, this piece gives you full control over the djinn that has been set into this piece.  You can give him all the powers that you wish for him to have.  

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