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If you have issues with someone or anyone who just won't leave you alone. I know a few myself I have used this one. More recently this weekend. Trust me it really worked. While I have always believed in giving a warning shot sometimes you just have to go and get it done. This did just that. I also believe in live and let live as I have said many times. One reason for this is you never really know who you are messing with. Do you really want to take the chance?

One example is I had a someone email me today and they were poking the hornet's nest. They obviously don't know me but I did answer nicely.  I was in a rare mood because while I do believe in live and let live I also believe in giving what you get. The other thing that really bothers me is stupid ass people! Why would you start with someone with so many skeletons in your closet? I mean seriously you must be a dumb ass!

I also don't believe in threatening anyone, ever. Just do it as Nike says, do what you have to do. I did give a warning shot this week with my evidence of wrongdoing that could cause a tragic loss for the family and they put all their brains together and decided it was in their best interest to listen. Good for them! 

Other times though they are just to Hills have eyes and they need a little nudge. This piece does that for you. What I really like about it is that it gets the point across to where they really feel it! The point is to teach a lesson.  Wearing this piece for just ten minutes and thinking about who did it and what they did will take care of the person. Guaranteed!

Supernatural revenge magic at it's best! NO KARMA!

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