Summoning Set
Summoning Set

Summoning Set

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There are so many mysteries surrounding ancient Egypt, their culture, why they did the things that they did, and the magic that they used to get things done.  One of the biggest mysteries of ancient Egypt is the identity of the god Set.  He goes by a bunch of different names.  If you want to look them up you can, but I always just call him Set, because that's how I learned about him.  So, in ancient Egypt, all the gods were represented by anamorphic figures.  For instances, the god of the Underworld Anubis was the body of a man with the head of a jackal.  So, all these gods have these man-bodies and animal heads.  Set has a creature head.  I mean it is an animal, but nobody (and I mean NOBODY) has been able to determine what it is, so they simply call it the Set animal.  
The reason that Set doesn't take a particular form is that he is a transcendental god.  What does this mean?  In short, this means that he has his own form, but he also has the ability to appear as any of the other gods.  This also means that he has the ability to conjure and use any of the other god's powers at any given moment.  you could also call this power Divine Duality or Divine Duplication.  Whatever you call it, it is a rare ability when a deified entity is able to take on the full identity and role of another God.  Set had that ability, which is why his animal is a "set animal because it is little parts all other gods and at the same time its own creature.  It holds the magic of all other deities, but at the same time holds his own.  He is omniscient and omnipowerful.  
The piece you are getting comes from a secret society that calls himself the Pillar of Set.  The Pillar of Set holds ancient rites that were developed and used by ancient Egyptian high priests.  They are very powerful spells and are not to be taken lightly. They summon Set to you who will come with you and share your body.  After the first time summoning him,  Set will have a permanent connection to your body.  With this connection, you will be able to telepathically communicate with Set to let him know what kind of ancient Egyptian powers you would like.  You can be as creative or basic as you but remember the more powerful the magic the longer it takes for this piece to muster it up.   Having said that, there is not a power that this piece cannot conjure for you.  Depending on whether you want love, fame, wealth, spell casting, baby making, portal jumping, spirit conjuring, psychic ability, star chamber resurrection, blood ritual magic, whatever, he may appear to you as an entirely different God, but don't' be hesitant, because it will be him.  
You can use this piece to call upon Set at any point in time that you want, to ask him for the powers that you crave the most.  If he doesn't have the power he will turn to one of the other gods, becoming their form to manifest himself to you and grant you the power that you have requested. If none of the other gods know it, then he will travel the astral planes in search of that power to bring it to you, because that's just the kind of god that he is.  He promises to deliver.  This piece can also bring you the secrets of the ancient Pyramids, the Sphinx, and even a set of pyramids called the Lost Pyramids that hold sacred ritual magic to create the powers that you want. 
This ring is sterling silver and can be worn by male or female.

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