Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies | STAR
Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies | STAR
Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies | STAR
Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies | STAR
Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies | STAR

Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies | STAR

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It is unclear when the very first Nephilim were created but we do know that it was during a time in which a lot of new things were being pulled into creation at once. It could very well have been an on-going thing not too soon after the first existence of Adam and Eve. This piece comes from when the first births of the Nephilim, just before which the Tablet of Nephilimic Destinies was created. It suggests that the original Nephilim may have very well be birthed in the Garden of Eden.

It is now cracked. It is because the stone of this item was in the center and it was used to aid in the creation and birth of Nephilim. The original Nephilim were born in full growth and, much like all other angelic beings, they were given rules and they were called the Nephilimic Commandments. They are all embedded into this piece and you will become aware of them while you will experienced a full Nephilimic transformation, you will also experienced the power that comes with every Nephilimic Commandments.

The first ability you receive is full Nephilimic awakening, during which you will be touched by divine white light angelic power that will force the transformation to take place.



The second is the ability is full manifestation of angelic magic. You create this magic from scratch. It grows more powerful the longer you are a Nephilim, which increases what you are capable of as well.

The third is angelic communication. This includes the ability to communicate with archangels because the very power that runs through your body is derived from archangels - original Nephilim are the results of humans and archangels.

The forth is true sight, the ability to look upon all things that archangels can, which includes Heaven itself. You can look into Heaven at will and see whatever you want to see and interact however you choose. This also allows you to experienced angelic visions of the past, present and future.

The fifth is Godly awareness, is a tether to God himself. You will be aware of all that will come to pass or at least all that you have interest in knowing. You can gain knowledge, wisdom and general answers from God himself.

Keep in mind that the reason we did not tell you the exact Nephilimic commandments is because they are only known to those who are original Nephilim. Due to us reversing the transformation in order to allow this piece to be bound to someone else, we are no longer aware of the Commandments - we did not retain them when we reverted back to our forms before the transformation. The only things that have lingered are those that could not be reversed with the reversal of the transformation or the things that take time to disappear from the body. The three who helped test this piece are still able to tap into the power associated with the commandments but they are losing the abilities over time.

This will not happen to you unless you also choose that you do not want to be a Nephilim. Keep in mind that this is not a light choice to make. You must always keep in mind that the transformation associated with this piece is meant to be permanent. The only reason you can reverse it or that it even allows you to do so is because it will impede on the health of your spiritual being. Your soul may become damaged as well. Do not accept the transformation, do not even humor this piece, if you are not certain about being a Nephilim.

Additionally, if you do decide to go back and undo the transformation, know that you will lose all of the abilities and connections you gain through this piece and at no point later in the future will you be able to undergo another transformation that allows you to become a Nephilim.


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