Take 'Em Down to "O" Town

Take 'Em Down to "O" Town

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Anybody who know about water nymphs knows that they are kind of like mermaids except they are spirits that inhabit the water AND they do not guard treasure.  What they guard is the secret to what counts when you are doing things with your clothes off.  (And we're not talking about bathing)

This water nymph carries her orgasm with her in the form of a pearl.  Now this can be used by a girl or a buy and go one of two ways.  Either you will be using the magic yourself to be able to deliver the most amazing, mindblowing orgasms OR you will be using this magic on another person so that way they can do the same for you.  Well actually, there's a third way to use this imagic too.  You can use it on both of you at the same so that way your flesh meets in the perfect union and your nerve endings are tantalized as you slide in and out OR as you are being thrust into.  

This piece is very powerful and provides jolts of sexual energy to all your erogenous zones to maximize your pleasure and their pleasure to keep you both begging for more!!

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