Temple of Kukulkan, Grand Sanguinari of the Order the Blood Serpent | STAR
Temple of Kukulkan, Grand Sanguinari of the Order the Blood Serpent | STAR
Temple of Kukulkan, Grand Sanguinari of the Order the Blood Serpent | STAR

Temple of Kukulkan, Grand Sanguinari of the Order the Blood Serpent | STAR

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The Order of Blood Serpent is an ancient order, one perhaps even older than the Rosicrucian Order. It was a society that has been around since before the establishment of many religions. In fact, they are estimated to have been lurking around, at least in smaller numbers, since before many religions were titled. They have always worshiped Kukulkan, even before he was ascended by a group of people that would become known as Mayans and then deem him a god. Though they are and remain one of the oldest form of vampires, back then, they were not called vampires but rather serpents.

The Order slowly integrated with the people, establishing status among them. Like this, there became those of lesser status, moderate and higher status and it was all dependent on their convenience and relevance for the serpents. There were many different ways to gain a high position of status from the serpents; hunters, general warriors, priests, healers, land owners, etc. Holders of extreme wealth were often appointed to higher status as well for the simple fact that Kukulkan loved gold and, by default, as creatures whose blood, power and magic were influenced by the god directly, they had an fixation on gold as well. Additionally, those who accepted Kukulkan as their one god, faith and made condolences frequently were rewarded as well.

There were even individuals appointed to higher status for the sole purpose of keeping secrets and aiding the society into gathering what they needed and thriving freely during times where maintaining a normal, civilized and humanoid posture weren't always possible. Serpents, as vampires, did need to feed. They required it. It was one of their enormous weaknesses that they had spend centuries attempting to break way from. However, there wasn't much of a way to do it because, whenever the serpents would feed, Kukulkan would gain immense strength and generate power that instantly altered the physical, spiritual and mental stability of his 'children'. In other words, it was necessary in order to gain an absolutely metric crap-ton of magic. It was a vicious and daunting cycle that only ever became truly easy to deal with upon the integration with the Mayans. That being said, even if it was viewed as a weakness, it was also a time of greatness and progression for the society. During these times, it would bring on the Crimson Task of Ascension.

Every month, just before the new moon, the serpents would prepare at least a week ahead of time. By the time the new moon came, when the sky was darkest, the Crimson Task would take place... and it is easily one of the most creepy events one could ever hope to go to. Though people were present, many of them were vampires or - during this time serpents - and it was easy to end up dead. There was something called blood pinning and that was the act of 3 or more serpents draining a person of every drop of blood in their body within about ten seconds. The body would be absolutely void of blood afterwards, so much so that said corpse could be cut open and organs inside would be nothing but pale pink tissue.

There was claiming, during which there would be the forceful claim of a human familiar to a serpent. Sometimes multiple serpents would claim one human and it would result in consistent sexual interaction between said human and each of the serpents leading up to the main event, which was, again, the Crimson Task.

There was continuous feasting, during which it was common practice within this society to, like their god, to ingest food in a similar fashion. In other words, they could be seen attempting to swallow food whole. Often times, they may even do so with raw food. Those ascended under Kukulkan, namely the Sanguine Ascendants who could actually unhinge their jaws and ingest the entirety of a small beast or animal raw. This was one of many forms of feeding. It would take place until the late hours of the night before the actual ritual began. The only ones that did not take part in this were the Sanguine Ascendants who were required to keep an empty stomach until the ritual began.

Kukulkan had seven eyes, all of which were living crystal. He could see all and watch over all points in the world through each of his eyes. The serpents believed that the eyes of any creature were the most sacred part of the body beside the organ that generates the very life in a person itself - the heart, which Kulkulkan had two.

During this ritual, there would be one sacrifice for every Sanguine Ascendant and they would use their own eyes, influenced by the crystal of those that belonged to Kukulkan, to place their sacrifice into a light hypnosis. They would be almost entirely conscious and coherent but they could not feel pain or act on rational thought. They were in their ultimate state of obedience. They would then order their sacrifices to open their eyes and gaze upon them without blinking, during which they would cut the eyes from their skulls and place them upon a nearby surface so the eyes could witness the ritual and ingest the power that would manifest.

The Sanguine Ascendants would then unhinge their jaws and swallow the entire head of their sacrifice, rip it from their bodies, and allow it to rest in their stomachs. They would then, similarly to how one may drink from a flask, drink the blood that poured from the then-headless neck. Afterwards, they would ingest the eyes and allow them to rest in their stomachs until morning. They would then regurgitate what was called "Kukulkan's gift", which would ultimately be a vessel of infinite and extreme power.

This piece is the result of one of these rituals and it is entirely fully charged. The items, back when they were created, were blessed with Kukulkan's gift on an entirely customization basis depending on who and what the Ascendant wanted it be. That being said, you can ask this piece for anything or just use the power that resides within it already. Use it to cast spells of dual magic. You can use the Sanguine serpent's power of influence and use this piece to hypnotize, manipulate or control the minds of others. You can even ask for complete wealth. It really is whatever you want from this piece because the ritual that created it is unconditional. This is the only one that we know of to still exist. If there are any others, they are not in circulation. It is extraordinarily rare, powerful and impossible to recreate due to the ritual that created it having been conducted with a now-dead form of ancient magic.

This ring is sterling silver, can be worn by both a man or a woman and

The power in this piece, as I said before, is very powerful due to where it stems from so it should not be taken lightly. It is engraved with the ancient symbol of the ritual, which seals the power in place. If you are interested in magic that stems from the ancient vampire ways and is very powerful due to how long it has been in existence, then this piece is definitely one that you would want to possess. It can be used if you have had a transformation. It can be used with anything.


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