Templus Illuminatus: Sex With the Succubus, #Freakdeaky (2)
Templus Illuminatus: Sex With the Succubus, #Freakdeaky (2)

Templus Illuminatus: Sex With the Succubus, #Freakdeaky (2)

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The Seikan Tunnel is a deep sea tunnel that connects Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan. With its completion in 1988 and the Channel Tunnel, which was completed in 1994, many architects have turned their sights to something new. It has been deemed nearly impossible, but these days it has been said that anything is possible. With the right amount of money ($100B) and the right architects, it is said that the tunnel dream could become a reality. Personally, I don't see the why the completion of the tunnel is receiving all this hype, when such tunnels already exist. Then again, I guess the same people who are pushing for the funding of this tunnel don't want "others" (as in people like you and I) knowing about the existence of the dry land tunnels that already exist.


It is written in ancient Egyptian manuscripts about their conquests in the New World. There have even been Egyptian findings in the Grand Canyon. The ancient Mayans have written about being visited not only from visitors from the sky, but also subterranean visitors who gave them secret forms of magic. It is written that these people appears as serpentine beings, who spoke in a weird language-- possibly the language of tongues. This leads to only one conclusion. The ancient visitors to the quote, unquote "New World" must have been the Illuminati elite. These powerful sorcerers can trace their magic back to secrets that were handed out to the Egyptians, who by their own account, were visited by the same kind of serpentine race. The only difference is their race came from the skies.


These serpentine creatures that have been reported, then must be the remaining offspring of a race of beings that were created when the Egyptian visitors mated with humans. They did this to create a race of enlightened beings so that way the magic that would help propel the human race to superiority could remain on Earth. This goes hand in hand with the ancient stories of the Bible, about the Nephilim and how they were created by fallen angels or "beings." This would also explain why God wanted to dispose of the Nephilim so badly. It only makes sense that these Serpent people that visited Egyptians belonged to the same race as the Serpent that visited Even in the Garden of Eden.


This race of beings came back for a round two-- to show humans a magic that could set them free-- a magic that was so volatile and powerful that God was afraid of what it could do to his beloved race. This is why he tried to wipe out all traces of the Serpentine existence/ the Nephilim by causing a flood of epic proportions. However, the half-breed serpentine race rescinded to tunnels that they had created under the oceans, where water could not permeated.   some of the serpentine people were killed, but many of them survived. These are the bearers of the messages that have been seen around the world by the likes of serpents. It is why serpents are held to be so magical in so many different races. It's not the actual snakes that are being exonerated, but the half-serpent/half-human hybrids that were unloaded on Earth by alien visitors. Again, they hold the magic that can set us free.


We were lucky enough to come into contact with someone in South America, while we were on an investigation there, that guided us to one of the many openings of the tunnel network. Given what I already told you, it makes sense that this tunnel network has junctions under both the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt. It should come as no surprise that this holds to be true. There are also stops all along the ancient Orient, some in Russian, the Sphinx in Bucegi, sacred burial grounds in Canada, Native holy lands in American, etc. However, the most significant spot of them all isn't even a place that anybody would know about. It is a subterranean city where the serpentine people live. It is deep beneath the Ocean and spans almost the entire length of the Atlantic Ocean. it is a bastion of ancient power and magic, where the only structures that exist are pyramids. Some of them are temples, some of them are houses. Others are teleport stations where the serpentine race, which has grown quite a bit in numbers, can teleport back to the mother land-- the world of pure serpentine race that visited Earth so long ago.


In this enormous subterranean city, they have pyramids that are called power stations. They are ancient Illuminati power stations, the secret technology that was give to the Egyptians. It's the reason why they built the pyramids in the first place. Each of these power stations is in the shape of a pyramid and is about the size of a three story building, except, you know, in the shape of a pyramid. Each power station holds a separate power. When we were in the subterranean city, we visited many of these powers stations, with our own pieces. The serpentine people invited us to do this, because they are purposely trying to spread the magic that set the human race free-- the magic that will allow them to be so much more than they are currently capable. These are pure Illuminati powers, that were given to humans before they were bastardized by the rich and powerful. They are the basis upon which most magic here on Earth can trace its roots.


Each of these pieces comes from the subterranean city called Templus Illuminatus. They each hold the power of one of the power stations that we encountered while on this special investigation-- more like discovery! We would not charge for these, but we had to pay in order to be led to the entrance. That's why these pieces are going on for cheap. We want everyone to have the ability to experience a power that is going to completely transform their life. On a side note, this magic is very unique and very diverse. These pieces contain not only the magic of the original Illuminati, but magical offspring of the Illuminati magic such as Mayan magic, Olmec Magic, Greek and Roman magic, Norse Magic. Again, as I have said, most magic traces its roots back to some form of Illuminati roots, therefore, there have been powers stations built in the subterranean city the correspond to all magical cultures of the world. I just wanted to clarify before I post some of these pieces that way I don't have people confused and thinking, "What does Athena have to do with Egypt?" The answer is nothing directly, but it all ties back to the original. The more the merrier right?   This is why the power stations of Templus Illuminatus are so diverse and plentiful. As I told you, this city is a bastion of magical powers. These pieces are sure to impress!!  


This piece is for the ones who love sex. I know that sounds a little bit lewd, but hey-- I can't help it. It is what it is. Sex is a very important part of most people's lives, plus you'd be surprised the amount of energy and magic that sex can bring. Hence, we are offering this sex piece. For beginners, this isn't just any sex piece, it summons the mother of all sex goddesses, whose name is Lilith. She particularly my favorite because, pardon my French, but Lilith is a bad bitch. She was the original mother to mankind, created in equality to Adam in the Garden of Eden. Well, Lilith wasn't being as subservient as Adam had hoped her to be and he tattled on her to God like a 4th grader. God ordered Lilith to obey her husband and she out and out refused to. She basically left the Garden of Eden with a middle finger to them both and went on to do her own thing.


Legend maintains that she banged a few demons, just to be rebellious. This is where the incubae and the succubae come from. They are half vampire, half demon spawn, but I mean, who really would have known the outcome of Lilith breeding and given birth to dozens of these entities at a time. The whole fact of the matter is that Lilith doesn't care. She never has and she never will. When you use this piece, you will be able to experience sex with the supernatural-- and let me tell you this is not an orgasm you want to miss out on. You'll curl your toes so hard that you'll think they're breaking off. And you might as well tell the neighbors to put in ear plugs, because once she starts she doesn't stop until the job is finished. She will go with either a male or a female. It doesn't matter which. She is good at what she does and she loves to do it.


An added bonus is that when you wear this piece, you gain her stamina and sexual ability, that way you can deliver to others what Lilith has delivered to you. They be crawling on their hands and knees begging you for more. It also allows you to sponge any powers from the people you are having sex with. Hence, if you know somebody has a power, use the powers in this piece to seduce them and then their powers will be yours as well! This piece is phenomenal, especially for all you nymphomaniacs out there (and we know you're there!!). Don't let this one pass you by, it's the perfect sexual magic!!

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