Tesla energy coil ring
Tesla energy coil ring

Tesla energy coil ring

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We all know that some places use windmills for energy. The mill catches the wind and turns it into what we need.

This is a Tesla energy coil in the form of a ring. You wear it and can transfer your energy, healing or otherwise into someone else. You can also take someone energy without hurting them if you need a charge up. Sounds great and all that but what is very unique about this is how it works like a windmill.

When you are wearing this you are the windmill. Spirits come and go and will be attracted to your energy because this piece acts as an attractant for energy.  The energy you pull in contains a lot of immortality energy because the soul is immortal. The energy will enter one coil and travel to the other and then passing to you. This has a built-in heavy energy protector. This means that heavy energy will not pass to you. Evil and negative energy has a weight and it is heavy. This coil ring can tell the difference so you only need to gain what you want.

If you know someone has a power that you would like to have you can get near them with this. The more powerful their energy, the more distance you can be away from them to collect it.

You can use this for all sorts of things, healing or wealth gaining, love and relationships. You can send or receive energy. The choice is yours.

This ring is copper.


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