Tesla's Box - Resurrection of Christ
Tesla's Box - Resurrection of Christ
Tesla's Box - Resurrection of Christ

Tesla's Box - Resurrection of Christ

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This is a serious, crazy powerful piece.  I don't know that we've ever seen anything like it before in our entire existence as a "haunted" company.  I say that because it really is truly unique and it is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime item.  I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but that's only because it's true.  After all, that is our purpose in life-- to bring our customers one of a kind items that they will not find the likeness of anywhere else in the world.  
This piece was being hoarded by a group that goes under the assumed identity of the Bolshevik Illuminati.  Long story short, some are members of those people who started the Bolshevik's Revolution in Russia and the rest are the descendants of those who did so.  They are still assembling and still hold meetings in an attempt to take over the world.  Let me tell you, with this piece their wildest dreams nearly came true.  It was a good thing that piece was found when it was, or else the Bolshevik Illuminati would have probably used this piece to take over the world-- or at least their part of it.  This would make them at least mildly more successful than they were the last time-- But seriously, this power is such that it probably would have allowed them to take over the whole world.  
What makes this piece so powerful?  First and foremost it is a piece that was designed by the hands of the world-famous Nikola Tesla.  He was always working on developing weird things.  He created electrical things, black holes, he worked with dark matter and even contacted aliens from outer space.
That being said, I personally believe that this piece is his most noteworthy project, but the awareness of the box was never raised because before it could be it was confiscated by thieves, those being the Bolshevik Illuminati.
Now, as you all know Tesla was famous for working with different types of energies that he finds in the atmosphere and ones that lie dormant in space.  This one comes from an energy present in our own atmosphere and makes perfect sense because it's the energy of Christ.  Why wouldn't his energy be in the atmosphere, he is constantly traveling in and out of the realm to heal those who pray for help or to intercede for those who are praying for other types of miracles. It's the perfect win-win situation.
This box must never be opened, lest the powers will escape.  Inside is held one of Tesla's "lab rats" that he was successfully able to resurrect using the powers of Christ.  You can think of these powers like the chemtrails on jet planes.  They follow Him wherever he goes, so it took a lot of studying and getting in touch with his more religious side for Tesla to develop this piece.  It garners the powers of Christ in his ability to create miracles to perform resurrection, where full-bodied people are raised from the dead.  You can read about a few examples of this in the Bible, but perhaps the most famous of these is the time when Jesus resurrected Lazarus and commanded him to walk. 
This is the first living being that Tesla was ever able to resurrect and as a tribute, Tesla petrified it and allowed it to become a little rat mummy.  As such, this little mummy still holds all of the resurrection powers that Tesla used when he ordered the rat to return from the dead.  Why the rat?  Well, this was Tesla's first experience using this power ever and wanted to make sure he wasn't going to cause himself or anyone else a disservice by resurrecting someone who was going to be troublesome or an otherwise pain in the ass.  This is why he chose a rat, which he euthanized and then brought back from the dead.  During his observation with this host, the mouse was able to walk around with full perception, because he had been brought back to life with the Breath of God.  It could smell and Tesla was even able to train him to "catch cheese" in a series of mazes and labyrinths.  This just goes to prove that when you use this piece, the person shows up to you in full form.  
So how did Tesla get this piece?  He studied Christ's movements to the tee.  As he neared Christ he was visited by Christ in a dream during which he was taken to a Pyramid in Siberia.  Inside this pyramid were the bodies of many dead saints and martyrs from throughout the ages.  He is storing them up for the final battle between good and evil.  The capstone or "eye" of the pyramid is what provides the individuals with their powers.  I mean, it's not like they are in zoo exhibits or puppy mills.  This underground pyramid is plenty big enough to accommodate thousands of people and still be comfortably spacious.  I guess this project is one that has been going on for some time.  Tesla was taken to what is called the Christ Chambers, where he was given the ability to use the energy of the miracles of Christ, but only in the sense that he could resurrect the dead.  
This piece is crazy awesome and it holds the distinct ability to raise any once-living soul from the dead - without fail!!  You can use this piece to resurrect a lost relative or loved one, so that way you can communicate with them, as they show up to you from the afterlife.  You can use this piece to learn the true history by resurrecting and asking the people who were actually there, or you can simply summon someone from the past that you think it really cool like Elizabeth Bathory or Vlad the Impaler, both vampires from a royal court.  You can use this piece, as the Bolshevik Illuminati did, to resurrect a presence with a specific characteristic or talent that you may want.  This will automatically be duplicated and it will be yours.  For example, if you want to be able to sing really well, you might want to resurrect Frank Sinatra.  If you want to be a good artist, then resurrect Van Gogh.  Lastly, this piece allows you to also duplicate any magic, power, or ability of the person you resurrect.  For instance, if you want to gain Voodoo power, you could resurrect Marie Laveau.  If you want to be able to know how to talk to the aliens, resurrect President Eisenhower.  If you want to know everything about all kinds of magic, both dark and light you could resurrect Aleister Crowley.  
You can use this item how you want to.  It will resurrect any soul that you call upon, just be forewarned that they do come to you in full physical form.  In other words, you could resurrect a full form of Hitler, but you better make sure that he's not going to try to gas you.  With this piece you can literally gain any power, magic, or knowledge that you crave, simply by finding out who the best person to resurrect would be!!  Don't miss your chance on this unique, one of a kind item!!


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