The 12 Crystal Grails of New Eden
The 12 Crystal Grails of New Eden

The 12 Crystal Grails of New Eden

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This piece of The Gorgeous sterling silver pendant with real shell. It's a very beautiful piece to look at but it's even more powerful than it is beautiful.


We have offered a lot of Solomonic pieces in the past, but this piece offers something that we have talked about. It allows you to travel to a realm that, until we used this piece, we never even knew existed. It's a place called New Eden. It was created with a key that was given to Solomon by God called the Flower of Life.


The Flower of Life, among other things, is one of God's means of creation. This power ties together the ancient Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the existence of the Ein Sof, the creation magic called Ohr Ein Sof, ad the universe. It is what allowed Solomon to create what is called New Eden.


New Eden is a place of pure white light magic that was modeled after the original Garden of Eden. The difference is that it is sealed off by white light. There is no fruit there that cannot be eaten, so the devolution of those who exist there cannot and will not ever happen. It is the perfect version of the original Garden of Eden.


The piece that we are offering you is a sterling silver pendant. When you look at it you will see that it contains one portion of the flower of life. It is called Solomon's Key. This has nothing to do with Solomon's Lesser Keys, which aren't physical keys at all. It is also important to note that while this piece only depicts a portion of the Flower of Life it contains the powers of the entire thing.


The power that this piece boasts is that it allows you to travel to Solomon's New Eden. In and of itself that is a pretty awesome feat, considering very few individuals even know about its existence. There are all types of exotic white light magic and many fruits of knowledge all of which you can partake.


In this realm of New Eden God descends daily. He deposits his white light excess into this realm, which boosts the magical intensity and ability of all the powers that are there. It even gives the creatures and entities that live there the ability to create their magic. Everything is an intelligent being in New Eden, not only the humans.


However, the most powerful thing about this piece is that it will lead you to what is known as the 12 Crystal Grails. The 12 Crystal Grails were hand-carved by Solomon. They contain wine that was made from the 12 Fruits of Christ's Loin, each wine made with a different fruit. Each of the fruits of Christ grants a different knowledge of Christ that can be passed onto whoever wants to visit the realm and drink the wine.


Divine providence, omnipresence, generation of miracles, divine manifestation, divine abundance, white light third-eye awakening, syncing with the God-mind, manifestation of the Christ Conscious, Heavenly Ascendence, Divine Fulfillment of Destiny, Divine Revelations, and a power called Acquisition of the Throne are all the powers/abilities that you will receive when you use this piece. These are 12 very, very powerful religious forms of magic that you absolutely do NOT want to miss out on!  


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