The 13 Original Celtic Druids
The 13 Original Celtic Druids

The 13 Original Celtic Druids

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The fact that we are even offering this piece is pretty incredible. We got this piece after an investigation in Ireland years back. We have been working with it ever since, so that way we could have a full understanding of the piece before we pass it on to anybody. The way that this piece has been made is a story in an of itself and the powers that it possesses are the powers of the ancient Druidic tribes. These tribes are so old that you will not find their existence written about anywhere other than the scroll of the sacred grove.

The sacred grove is an ancient grove of trees that do not exist in the physical realm. Rather, it exists in the Etherealms, which is why its existence has only really been noted by the ancient Druids who were able to travel there by leaving their bodies. The sacred grove holds the existence of 13 trees of knowledge, each of which offers thirteen primordial powers of the universe. The roots from the trees grow down to Earth, of course in spiritual form, which is where the first druids came from. They were not born of mortal flesh, but of spiritual essence. The creation of later druids came when these beings of pure power took mortal bodies to mate with mortal women. It carried on their druidic bloodlines, but there are no other druids that are quite as powerful as the original 13 that was born of the 13 trees.

These original 13 druids went on to father 13 clans of offspring and 13 bloodlines. The mortal druids are the ones that we are normally talking about when we say that our pieces have been creating by an ancient Celtic Druid. Don't get me wrong, the ancient Celtic mortal Druids are also extremely powerful in their magic and sorcery, but it pales in comparison to the 13 that were born of the 13 trees. The original 13 have been around since the creation of Earth and they represent the spiritual essence of each of the 13 powers of the sacred grove. They became what is now known as the Celtic Tara that was found in 750 AD. This was found as a testament to the craftiness of ancient Celtic metalworking, but what is not commonly known is that these metalworkers were more than mere metalworks. They were what would now be considered alchemists. They were able to shape an instrument made out of metal that attracted the presence of the 13 originals so that they could call upon them for their magic.

In more recent times delegates from the 13 bloodlines convened to call forth the presence of the 13 originals, using a Celtic Tara that was even older than the one that was found and became world-renowned. Instead of showing up in spiritual or physical presence, the original 13 caused the sky to send a shower of small garnet meteors. I guess you can imagine that there were 13 of them. Each of the stones represents one of the 13 originals. As a result 13, Tara was made, after the meteors were each dissected. A fragment of each stone was placed into the 13 Taras. Each stone brings the power of one of the original druids and, as such, brings the powers and magic of the 13 trees of the sacred grove to life. These are the 13 original magical forms from which the presence of all magic has been born. It doesn't matter what kind of magic you are doing, the sacred grove holds the magic that your magic has descended from. Think of it as the "parent" magic that can be tapped into in order to create your own magic by branching off and molding it into what you want to create.

This is the power that you get when you own this piece. It is sterling and is decorated with 13 real amethyst fragments from the 13 meteors that the originals sent to Earth. These original magical forms cannot easily be put into words, so what you need to know is that when you own this piece you will be able to create magic within your mind. These magical forms will travel up the spiritual roots of the thirteen trees and it will enter the sacred grove. Your thoughts will be turned into magic through a unique recipe that will be created and formed by the original 13 druids. It will then be sent back to you by way of the roots. It will enter your mind through your third eye and you will be able to use this magic for as long as you are alive. It truly is an astounding piece that has the literal ability to created whatever you set your mind to.

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