The 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Are you and your child protected against the most evil?
The 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Are you and your child protected against the most evil?
The 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Are you and your child protected against the most evil?

The 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Are you and your child protected against the most evil?

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MK ultra is more then a conspiracy of horrible experiments, it is very true. The one picture you see if of a woman, then a child who sued the government and won. She is one of the very few. 

I have to type this very fast so if you see mistakes I'm sorry but I typed it once and lost everything when I hit a wrong button.

My research began into MK ultra a long time ago when I met my friend Michael in Delaware. I used to work for him getting government contracts. He told me that as a teenager his entire family was kidnapped and his father killed. His father had worked for the government on something they never wanted out. Michael didn't know what it was at the time. He said he and his brother along with his mother were under mind control for a very long time. He was able to break free because he thinks he has a strong mind and maybe that is what it was. His mother went insane and his brother the same. Michael was not an insane person and he was a great businessman. He was normal! Everything he told me was true. There were things he showed me in his father's diary that somehow survived. That was when I began to look into MK ultra.  Later on, in November of 1990 I became part of an experiment myself. It was just before Christmas and an ad was placed in the Philly paper for those who were psychic to get paid something like 200 an hour, maybe a 100, it is hard to remember that part. I along with this guy was accepted into the program. All was well until the images I began to see where terrible. I got out but then three guys showed up and threatened by the ex with something. I went back but I asked for double the money and I got it. What I saw was scary enough but there was another department that really blew my mind.

During the coming and goings of this place I would see other people, those in that other department. One woman told me she was there for a sex addiction but the next day she didn't even remember me. Another day she said she worked there and by the evening when leaving didn't know me again! About three years ago I ran into her at a hotel in Philly and she said she was a lawyer but again didn't remember me. I spoke to the guy checking me in and he said she always did late-night business with male clients but was supposed to be a lawyer. He also told me that one guy she walked in with he swore he saw on the news one day but couldn't figure out who he was. I KNOW she is still part of the MK ultra experiment! He even told me one night she was walking out and said she didn't know how she got there but looked pretty beaten up. She always looked professional though. My guess is she is a sex slave, it all makes sense.

In one area they were working on the psychic experiments, how to bring forth physical things into the world. This was just like Montauk. As I understand it everything they did is now locked in their minds. After my experiment, my phone was bugged as was my car. How did I find this out? The phone company did and yet didn't tell me. Long story. The bug in my car I found myself under the seat while cleaning it. I know the guy who used to go undercover for the show Hard Copy and I took it to him and that is exactly what it was.

Part of all of these experiments was to unlock your metaphysical potential but for the government's usage, not ours. Later I found out that so many people were part of these experiments and still to this day don't know it. 

How did they do it?

Public schools were used. They did it during hearing checks. I'm not sure if any of you remember those but the tones would implant things in your brain. They also did this during lice checks and they used a chemical they were like LSD but without the effects. A small drop of oil was placed on the scalp which carried a microscopic chip that went into the pore of your scalp. Children obviously are great psychic little people! it is said that one in 5 children were tracked and still are as adults. The problem is these kids were identified before being messed with as unusual, intelligent or any other number of things that marked them for experimentation. Most of you don't even know it.


What can these things cause?

These issues cause blockages, mental issues, lack of sleep, bad relationships, sexual issues and even communication issues. Lack of understanding and an entire slew of lost abilities! Many of those or you are still being tracked as you will continue to be as they watch your life.

The above link is to a short video with just some of the things that MK ultra can do but you should look some of it up yourself.

This stuff is real! The things I saw then during my psychic experiment I see happening today from weather control to Assad. Back then I didn't know who he was but now I do. How did they know who he was and why was there such an interest then? Well, I guess that is a stupid question! Some of the things I have seen are seriously disgusting! You would cringe! Think about Spirit cooking and the allegations of sex abuse and mind control and add to that missing people! You would be horrified!

This item is custom done for you to get back your abilities if you think or feel you have been part of an experiment. This will bring forth all lost memories and all lost abilities too. Some of you will get were given to you by the government but hidden so only they can tap in when needed or IF you ever need to be controlled they can do it.

Did you know that many suicides are government killings by using mind control? Did you know that there is a serial killer government murder club? I know some of you are laughing but do enough research and you won't laugh anymore.

What if you have an extremely intelligent child now or you are intelligent? You do realize those kinds of people are a target right? I know the title says 80's but this is still going on. Do you know what the gifted and talented program is? Were you in it? Is your child in it or something like it? Have you are they ever been moved up a grade? Are they very creative? Is there something different about you or them? If so then I suggest this is the one item you get, it is and will be a life changer.

Open up your world all the while protecting yourself and your children.

These are custom made so according to what you want and size it can take three weeks to do these. Two people are making these. One is a reformed agent from the program who got out after not being able to take it. I trust him as he is my friend and there are other reasons. The work is done in private in a secret location and swept every night. The other person is an extreme psychic that can pick up the gifts of the person and place them back in along with clearing up all blocks and brain washing.

If you are not sure if you or your child has the potential of needing this ask me and let me know what is going on. I won't lie to you and I will tell you exactly what I think.



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