The 6th Pillar

The 6th Pillar

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If Islamic magic is your thing, then you're in luck.  If it's not, then this piece probably isn't for you.  Either way, this piece holds the ancient soul of one of the Mohammedan Dervishes.  These Dervishes were an ancient group of magicians that were charged with the keeping of sacred magic.  You can think of them kind of like the Three Magi that visited Jesus Christ to give him their gifts.  They are essentially hermits who travel by the direction of the stars because they have been able to harness their magic and the meaning in the way they orbit the Sun.  

However, the sacred magic is a constant and it is a magic that they do not have to chase after ever.  If is the 6th Pillar of Islam, which is not a pillar that is of the material world, but one that is of the spiritual world.  The Sixth Pillar is a magic that gives spiritual ascension to those who unlock its power  It is the ability to shed your mortal skin and to travel to Heaven to live as God.  You will be given all his knowledge and his wisdom of all things.  You will be able to see through his eyes to understand how the world was created and the powers that were used.  You will be given a special set of white light magical spells that are only ever used by heavenly beings, in order to change your destiny to bring the things you want.  This is how God shapes the future and is just one of the few abilities you will get when you gain the Spiritual Ascension of the Sixth Pillar.  

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