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Turning water into wine and rocks into gold is what we think of when we hear about alchemy. Maybe not water into wine but the transmutation of items into wealth objects. This is a little different but not much in the way of that type of magic.

This necklace was created using an ancient form of alchemy but this time for riches in beauty. 

With this supernatural piece, you get three different transformations of beauty. You get the outer physical beauty, you get the personality of charm, wit, and intelligence but along with that you get the emotional part too. That part is just as important because you need to mentally feel good as well!

To use this piece you will let the white part touch your skin. You should wear it like that for three days and then you can turn it around and allow the green part to show. That will begin all three transformations.

This was made by a female alchemist in California who is very skilled but she felt ugly. She said living in California was like constantly being around models and she didn't measure up. I personally think she is very pretty but I guess it didn't matter what I thought. She made this using the magic of alchemy and she also did one more piece which employed the power and spirit of Michaelangelo for sculpting the body. I might get that one on tomorrow.

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