The Ancient Five-- Horus
The Ancient Five-- Horus

The Ancient Five-- Horus

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There are an estimated 1,400 Egyptian deities in existence. There could be more. This is only an estimate from existing Egyptian texts that have been discovered by historians and archaeologists. That's a lot of gods and that is a lot of magic. However, there are five gods from ancient Egypt that seem to stand out more than the rest of them. This isn't necessarily because their power is greater, it is simply because they are the most worshipped. They are the "who's who" of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Speaking of ancient texts, we have retrieved one from a secret source that we have working inside Egypt. This source of ours sent us this ancient text. I think it might be a reproduction. I"m not entirely sure. What I can tell you is that reproduction or not, the scroll is made up of an Ode to the most popular five gods of the Egyptian pantheon. With each ode there is an incantation that allows you to summon each of the five. We have done this. We have summoned each of the five into five different pieces. They will each do something different for you. Below is the description of which of the gods you will be receiving in the vessel that is pictured on this listing.

Horus-- He is the god of life and holds the key to endless possibilities. The Eye of Horus is often attributed to being able to master the flow of cosmic energies. This piece allows you to do precisely that, although it is done in a very unique fashion. Instead of just mastering the cosmic energies, this piece allows you to master the cosmic energy for a specific purpose and that purpose is to design your own destiny. Horus is the god of metaphysical and physical life. He will breathe life into all of your aspirations. Whatever you want your destiny to include or not include, he has the power to do it. He has the power to give and to take away. With this piece, you will be given the same ability. All you have to do is wear this piece, meditate and manifest your desires.

Horus' item is a pair of bird earrings.  That's because he is symbolized as a man with a bird's head.  You don't have to wear the earrings.  You can hold them in your hand while meditating to develop your connection to Horus!

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