The Ancient Yucatan Soul Searcher
The Ancient Yucatan Soul Searcher
The Ancient Yucatan Soul Searcher

The Ancient Yucatan Soul Searcher

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When you look at this piece you will notice that it has been made with opals and they are the reflections of the souls that have been cast into this piece. Not just any soul, but the soul of somebody who was sacrificed. They have unfinished business on Earth and they want nothing more than to be able to come back to Earth to settle their scores. Their lives were taken from them far sooner than they should have been.

An account of their lives has been recorded on in a cave on the Yucatan Peninsula. The recent rediscovery of this cave by historians and researchers have proven to be a bit of a struggle. They focus on the who and not the what. Half of them seem to think the markings came from the Maya. The other half seem to think that they came before the Maya, a pre-Maya civilization if you will. However, both sides agree that they have absolutely no idea what the markings could mean.

In the cave, there are handprints, along with a man who is clad with a spear and shield and some animals. I mean, it doesn't a genius to put a story together for something like and they probably will eventually. I am here to tell you the real story. It's the story of the Mayan Soul Searcher. The Soul Searcher was not your conventional Hunter but is the one that is depicted on the wall of the cave.

The Soul Searcher was an immortal, more of a demon truthfully, and would travel Central America in search of souls. He would visit villages and settlements by night terrorizing the citizens and stealing the soul of anybody he could get his claws on. He mostly took the souls of the elderly and children, because they put up less of a fight. Young men and warriors typically put up more of a fight although they were no match for his immortal and eternal strength. However, he needed to collect as many souls as quickly as possible. The souls weren't for him, they were for his master. He was also once a soul that was taken and he was working fervently to earn his own freedom.

Now, a bunch of the Elders from one tribe got together and decided that they would draw a lottery. This lottery would turn up the names of people who were selected to offer to the Soul Searcher. They had no choice in the matter and would be wrangled up by people in the village who weren't chosen that way they wouldn't have to go-- this time. There was only a few that ever escaped. God rest their soul, literally, because the fate of those that they Soul Searcher found alone was far more devastating than those in groups. Those were the ones that he had the most fun with. He would literally rip them to shreds with his razor claws, sucking the soul from their body like a strand of spaghetti. His master liked it better when they died with more fear.

Anyway, the Elders of the tribe would take the people who were chosen-- man, woman, or child, it didn't matter which-- and lead them to what was called the Cave of Souls. This is where they were offered to the Soul Searcher. He would come to the cave, snatch up their souls and he would be on his way. The bodies were later burned and the ashes kept or spread. They didn't bury these bodies, because there was no soul in them to enter the Underworld. The moment their souls were snatched, their bodies would fall to the ground lifeless.

The hands on the cave painting were representative of those people who were sacrificed. Ergo, the Hunter was the Soul Searcher and the animals were put there because the Soul Searcher was a demon and could take whatever form that he chose to take. You never knew by which form he was coming. To know his true form would mean that they'd be able to call him out by name and defeat him. Demons never reveal their name, because it is easy to dispel them once you have it.

The handprints were pasted to the side of the cave after being created with a mixture of red earth and the blood of those being sacrificed. It created a connection between the physical realm and the place to where the soul was going. I can assure you, it wasn't a Heaven type experience. The horrors that they had to go through in that realm were inexplicable, most of the time being used and exhausted to create magic for the Evil that existed there. However, for the souls that remained the hands created a bond and villagers and loved ones could go there to communicate with the people that they lost, by resting their hands upon the hands that were painted on the cave. Eventually, the Searcher stopped coming, after having scored enough souls to barter for his freedom.

The hands are how we were able to pull the souls through that we put in this piece. We rested our hands in the handprints that remain. The souls that we pulled through are now sealed in this piece, their reflections shining through. Each of these souls is very powerful, having lived in a realm of dual magic for thousands of years. I will tell you this much-- these are not white light lovey dovey souls. They were at one point, but after suffering the kind of anguish that they suffered for their stay in what they thought would be an eternity, they have developed a kind of hatred and resentment. I'm not saying they are going to be able to do anything to you or that you should worry. The only reason I mention this is because sometimes when we hear the word souls we think of the goody-goody white light type of stuff. I know that this piece looks like extreme white light, but this just happens to be the color of soul matter as it is found in the universe. This piece is anything but. These souls are extremely powerful and well versed at both dark and white types of magic. This is why we say they are dual.

Here's the deal. These souls want nothing more than to be released into the mortal realm. That's exactly what you are going to do for them. For each one of the souls that are in this piece, you will gain a power. You will tell the soul that you are setting free the power that you want. Before the soul is released this is the power they must grant you or they cannot be freed. Trust me, they all have the ability to grant you whatever you ask for. They will be set free into the world to finish their business and you will be left with a piece that holds extremely powerful magical abilities. It sounds fair to me.

So, the only thing that is left to do is for you to make the move and get this piece. Oh, and to decide what powers you will ask your souls for. The number of souls that we pulled through was 12-- which means there are twelve souls waiting to grant you the powers that you most desire.

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