The Anechoic Chamber A.K.A. "Quiet Rooms"
The Anechoic Chamber A.K.A. "Quiet Rooms"

The Anechoic Chamber A.K.A. "Quiet Rooms"

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Think of when you are at your most comfortable. If you are like most people, you are probably thinking about your bedroom. It's so quiet and inviting, right? Maybe you have blackout curtains to keep the light out. You just want to lay down in the quietness and relax, right? That's what I would like to do. Now, think of the quietest place on Earth. You would think that it would probably be the most relaxing place ever. However, with a -9-decibel level, the quietest place on Earth has a knack of driving even the sanest people to the brink of insanity.

The place is called the Anechoic Chamber in Minnesota and believe it or not the room is so quiet that you can hear your heartbeat, your blood flowing, and your organs working. The silence is said to be so maddening that it can cause hallucinations within minutes. It has the ability to induce panic and anxiety and most people can't stand to be in the chamber for longer than 20 minutes without going bonkers and leaving the room scared for their life.

It seems quite fearsome if you ask me. However, the United State government has implemented tests in its own set of Anechoic Chambers that it has set up across the nation. These chambers have been being used among other things for torture methods and also for human transformation research. What is meant by human transformation? Well, precisely that. It seems that when people are left in extreme silence it forces them to hear everything about themselves that they aren't used to hearing. It even includes the ability to come face to face with your own subconscious. In doing so, the human mind undergoes a certain transformation that allows them to manifest thoughts from their brain into real life. There are videos documenting this that have human being manifest their own thoughtforms that include everything from cuddly little children to childhood memories to literally full-fledged demons.

The thing is when left to its own devices the human mind is a powerful thing. Truth be told we wouldn't have known anything about the "Quiet Rooms" as the government calls them if we were not approached by a survivor of such an experiment. By his own first-hand account, we learned what the quiet room was capable of. For some people, it could be like living your favorite dream. For others, it was like their worst nightmare. See, when the mind first gains the manifestation of thought abilities you cannot control them. It took our source many years to be able to gain power over it. Through doing this, he also determined that he has the powers to transform his manifestation powers not only to other people but to items that other people can use to gain his same powers.   He made this piece for us for that reason.

So, we come to the part where we get to what this piece will do for you. Plain and simple-- this gives you a transformation of the mind to where you are able to perform and control manifestation of the mind. The control part is very important. Without control, your mind would manifest any old thought that came through it. I wouldn't matter is that was snakes or chocolate. They'd appear in real life. This piece gives you the ability to control what type of thoughts you manifest into your life. You could use this to manifest almost anything positive and beneficial for your own life. Think wealth, love, healing, psychic abilities, time-travel, basically anything that you want to happen or any attributes that you manifest upon yourself you will be able to use as your own. You can also use this ability to manifest thoughts into others' lives, but I would keep the negativity and vengeance to a minimum. You don't want to have to deal with the bad karma that you can get from forcing people to face their own nightmares.

Either way, this piece is extremely powerful, it is dual in nature because it simply doesn't rely on light vs dark, and you can really use it however you see fit.

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