The Angel of Napoleon in the Pyramid
The Angel of Napoleon in the Pyramid
The Angel of Napoleon in the Pyramid
The Angel of Napoleon in the Pyramid
The Angel of Napoleon in the Pyramid

The Angel of Napoleon in the Pyramid

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One fateful night in the hot summer months of August in the year 1799 Napoleon Bonaparte's life would be changed forever. Although there is not a specific date, it was one of the early days of August that he chose to sleep in the Kings' Chamber. This is a chamber inside of the Pyramid of Giza. His stay in the chamber would change his destiny drastically as you will soon find out.

A historical snapshot will tell you that Napoleon first traveled to Egypt in the year 1798. He took with him 30,000 soldiers and his mission was to end the more than centuries of Turkish rule of Egypt. He also wanted to block the English from traveling freely back and forth to their Eastern colonies. It was a war thing, but Napoleon also did what nobody else did prior to him and brought scholars him There were more than 100 from many disciplines to study, write down, and copy all they could from the ancient Land of the Pharaohs. Eventually, Napoleon's scholars would find the Rosetta Stone, allowing scholars to finally understand the meaning of ancient hieroglyphics.

In 1799 Napoleon made his way back to Cairo, first stopping for a clash with the Turks in the Holy Land to liberate the people of the chokehold that the Turks had in the area. It was there that the angel first appeared to Napoleon. The angel appeared to him and warned him of a driving force that he would soon encounter. Napoleon was a religious man, but he was also very serious. He considered the visions that he had received, told nobody and chalked it up to exhaustion from war. He did not heed the advice that was sent to him, but that is okay because he had no choice but to face it head-on in the coming months. When he did finally end up in Egypt, he had no choice but to face his prophetic visitor head-on.

What some of you might not know about Napoleon is that he was obsessed with rulers from past regimes. During his prior visit to Egypt, he has conspired to spend a night in the Kings Chamber just as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and other great rulers before them had. Little did he know that what was coming would literally alter the course of his own destiny. In those times, the Kings Chamber was hard to get to with very cramped passageways and corridors leading to it. A few torches, which is what they had to light their way in those days, wasn't nearly sufficient and he had to hire a guide who knew what he was doing in order to help him. However, eventually, he found his way in. He ordered his men to leave him in the King's Chamber alone and in total, he spent about 7 hours inside of the chamber. when he arose from the chamber 7 hours later he was reportedly as pale as a ghost. When asked what was wrong, he simply responded, "Even if I told you, you would not believe me."

So the great question has always been-- What exactly did Napoleon see in the Kings Chamber the night that he stayed there? Some versions of the story say that he took this secret to his deathbed without telling a single soul. Others suggest that he finally told one of his close friends on his deathbed. Either way, none of that is important because this piece bears it all. Here's an interesting fact: the pyramid is electrically charged. I don't just mean this is a spiritual sense. The pyramid is quite literally conducive. It is made out of granite, which contains high levels of quartz. If you think that this is a coincidence, then you better think again. When the pyramids were given to the ancient Egyptians, the ones that gave them the pyramids made sure that the pyramids were conducive and this is because they wanted to make sure that the powers of the universe could flow freely through the pyramids.

Before I dive into exactly why Napoleon was as white as a bedsheet when he emerged from the Kings Chamber, perhaps I should tell you that he is not the only person that has recorded strange goings-on at the location. I'm not going to get into them all. If you are interested you can find plenty of stories on the internet, although I'd err on the side of caution in believing them whole-heartedly, because some people simply spout off for attention. If you want to stick to what's real, then this would definitely be your piece. This piece grants the user many different powers and abilities, but among those is the ability to see through Napoleon's eyes on the night of his stay in the Kings Chamber in the Pyramid of Giza. It will allow you to see what he has seen and to understand why he was so shocked. This is how we know for certain.
It came to pass that Napoleon ordered his men to stay outside of the entrance to the Kings Chamber. While he still wanted them nearby, he decided that it would be more spiritual for him to stay inside of the Kings Chambers by himself. Again, this is our first-hand account of using this piece. I'm not sure of the exact time but somewhere between the time that he retired to the chamber and daybreak, there came a strange humming. It didn't wake Napoleon, because he was stirring and unable to sleep in the first place. This soft humming gave way to a blinding light. Now, normally the Kings Chamber is as dull as dull can be. As I said, it is created out of carved granite. There is a large tomb that lays within the King's Chamber, which was also created out of granite. There is nothing special about granite, except for that it is highly conducive. It is quite ugly and for being a burial tomb for the Kings it was plain. However, the light pulsating through the room changed all that.

As the light shone, there came a system of holographic glyphs that reflected from the walls. They were not the Rosetta Stone type of glyphs, either. They were quite unintelligible to me as I watched what was going on through Napoleon's Eyes. The room was ablaze with the glyphs. They shone a golden color on the backdrop of grey granite. It lit up the chamber like fireworks on the 4th of July. The glyphs began to grow in size and the light became brighter and brighter. It was almost unbearable and I felt Napoleon's knees begin to buckle and we went down. He was perspiring so badly that his clothing began to feel damp. It was at this point that the energy rushing through the chamber began rushing through Napoleon's body. He called out to his guards, but the energies that visited had made sure that they had already fallen fast asleep. There came one last extraordinary flash of white light.

In this flash of light, there appeared an angelic being. When the angel had taken its place inside of the chamber, the rest of the lights eventually dimmed and quit. The angel was left glowing softly, like a nightlight. It roughly took the form of a man, with wings that protruded out in either direction, taking up half of the chamber. Its skin was translucent and it was as if you could through it onto the wall behind it. Here is the strangest part of the whole experience. The angel had not one face, but 72 faces. Each of the faces had their own appearance with a separate set of eyes. Sometimes the eyes danced like fire. Other times they were placid blue. Another time they gleamed like bright rainbows and one time there as nothing by white. The angel only wore one face at a time, but the faces changed constantly as the channels would change on television. The faces changed at intervals of every 10-15 seconds and I watched through Napoleon's eyes, counting the number of faces before it cycled through to the first one. I watched a second time just to be sure and the second time it cycled through 72 times as well.

Napoleon got up from the ground where he stood and he called out to the angelic being asking it what its business was here in the pyramid. However, the angel said nothing. Napoleon got closer to the angel and demanded to know its business on Earth. At this, the angel held up a single hand above Napoleon's forehead. A light came out of its hand and Napoleon's body hovered in mid-air and his head was forced by supernatural power to look at the angel. As we both watched, the angel's midsection became like a hologram and we saw the rest of the Emperor's life play out. We saw that while he was to be remembered as one of the greatest generals and emperors of all times, he would eventually go on to be banished from his own country to die old and alone on a small island. This vision was shown in great and vivid detail, even down to the point that the ruler would eventually lose his mind. The angel showed him a disease that would cause his body to shut down and pretty much rot from the inside out. It was a stomach ulcer that turned into stomach cancer. He was to experience an excruciatingly painful death. However, there was an out. It was communicated via telepathic vibes that the angel could either use its presence to 100% heal Napoleon of the disease ahead of time, or it could use its presence to present Napoleon with powers that would make him powerful beyond comparison.

Of course, Napoleon chose the second, so the angel immediately imparted Napoleon with an elevation of the mind. This brought to him all of the extra senses of the human body-- there are 12 of them. These senses were given to him and he was able to make sense of the meaning of life. He was able to see why humanity was created in the first place. He could all of a sudden comprehend the magic and power that was around him. It allowed him to see existence through the center of the universe and to know and to see all things, but this was not it. I told you earlier about the 72 faces of the angel that arrived to Napoleon. The next step in his acquisition of power was gaining the meaning of these 72 Faces. Each of the 72 Faces is one of the 72 names of God and as Napoleon hung in midair the angel stared with each of the 72 faces deep in Napoleon's soul, infusing him with the 72 names of God. These are the 72 ancient and primordial powers that God retains and does not share with the world. It is a rare occasion that he does and this is one of those occasions. It is because of the magic and the energetic conductivity of the granite the pyramid was built with that an anomaly was created that allows this angel to shine forth in such a strong presence.

He was then given the knowledge of a written language called the Enochian Glyphs. Enochian is a language that is spoken to the angels and has only ever been known to few. The pure magic and power of this written language were infused into Napoleon's soul. This a cryptid code of magic that is only practiced by the angel. It also gave him the ability to call forth and summon any entity from the realms of Heaven. This includes white wolves, griffins, angels, archangels, etc. After fusing his soul with all of this magic, the angel let go of its hold Napoleon, gently setting him down on the ground. It rescinded into the Heavenly realms and Napoleon was left to face the reality of his terrible death. This is why he was white as a bedsheet. What he had seen was unreal and he knew those around him wouldn't believe it. He didn't want to sound crazy because then they would question his ability to rule. So, he took this secret with him to the grave.

Years later he ended up going insane anyway because of the secret that he held. He lost the support of most of his military marshals and was defeated by European forces in France. He was subsequently exiled to the Island of Elba in the Mediterranean. However, he mustered up enough support to stage an army and attempt to restore himself to the throne of France. This army failed miserably at the battle of Waterloo and not wanting to take further chances with Napoleon and his quest to conquer the world, they exiled him to the Island of Saint Helena, a small barren, wind-swept island off the coast of South Africa in the South Atlantic.

It was on this island that a secret transcript was eventually found dating the last days of Napoleon up until his final days when he went missing. This part isn't readily told in the history books because it would cause people to wonder. Instead, he was falsely buried in Paris. However, the diaries of the Compte de las Cases will tell you otherwise. He was part of the entourage sent with Napoleon into exile and was the only person that Napoleon ever told his secret to. These secrets were written into a secret diary written by the Compte de las Cases. Also written in his secret writings were instructions on how to resurrect this piece-- the ring that is pictured for this description.

This piece is an antique ring. Inside of the ring is the Enochian Alphabet-- a secret code used by the angels to communicate. It contains a secret to magic and energies that will bring you the magic that was given to Napoleon in the Pyramid. Just like I was able to travel back and see through the eyes of Napoleon, you will be able to do the same. This will allow you to know all of the powers and abilities that I told you about earlier. They are the ones that were given to Napoleon by the angelic force that visited him in the Kings Chamber. This includes the transcendence to receive the six missing senses to complete your 12 sense of existence. These are Psychic Ascendence, celestial cognition, chronological transfiguration, Dimensional Transmodality, physical transfiguration, and spiritual transfiguration.

Additionally, you will be able to witness the 72 Faces of the Angel and you will be given the 72 ancient, primordial powers of God. I'm not going to list all of those, but they are very old, primordial forms of magic that the forms of magic that helped god to fashion the universe and all that you see in it. They are very powerful forms of magic that don't really have names but are extremely powerful. Finally, you will be given the ability to call forth angels and all other heavenly hosts that can bring you powers, magic, and magical abilities. So, you see, this piece is extremely powerful.

We received the scrolls to summon this ring and it literally appeared to us out of thin air, in the form of this antique ring. Please don't ask how we ended up with the scroll, we really can't tell you that. The point is that this piece is powerful and if power is what you want, then you want this one. We only have one of these items and it is obviously a one-of-a-kind piece. Do not miss your chance.

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