The Angelic Nun Ring of Miracles
The Angelic Nun Ring of Miracles
The Angelic Nun Ring of Miracles

The Angelic Nun Ring of Miracles

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It is true what they say. As above, so below I'm not saying that Heaven looks remotely like Earth. If that were the case, there'd be no reason to aspire to get to Heaven. Rather, what I mean is this. Just as there are angels who are born in Heaven, there are also angels that are born on Earth. They come to Earth through the existence of an angel called the Birthing Angel.

The Birthing Angel was sent to Earth by God for one purpose and that was to create a race of Angels to populate the Earth and live among humanity. This is because he has recognized that the world is becoming an increasingly evil place to live. He knew this was going to happen, but it never stopped him from giving humans free will. However, it didn't stop him from sending a special race of angels to watch over what he had created.

The Birthing Angel has been given an immortal human body that is twenty-something and it never ages. It becomes pregnant with human girls that do not have souls. Rather, as soon as they are born into existence, they are immediately possessed by an angel. The Birthing Angel has been given the power of Immaculate Conception, which is the same power that allowed the Virgin Mary to give birth to Jesus.

The angel babies are "raised" as pious girls. The all live together in a place called "the Convent." The Convent is a covert confine where no human will ever be able to set foot. It would completely adulterate the whole operations.

The angels that are born in human form and raised at the convent eventually grow up and become nuns. These nuns (angels) are taught in various tricks and trades of white light. They are given the white light magic of God and then they are sent out into the world to spread the magic that has been given to them. The most notable of these angels disguised as nuns came in the form of Mother Teresa. Others prefer to do their work anonymously.

The fact is that there is this race of angels that exists among us. You wouldn't ever know that they exist other than the fact that I've just told you or if you actually saw one doing her magic in public. You might see a nun, but you would never be able to tell that they are one of the angelic nuns. Some of them don't even wear a habit. They are "plain clothes" nuns that prefer to walk the world that way instead. The only other way to know the nun's true identity is through a ring that she possesses that some choose to wear on their finger, but not choose to carry in a pocket.

Each nun is given a ring that holds the miracles that they are able to grant. Some of them can only grant one miracle. Others can grant many miracles. It just depends on the level of magic that they were given before they were turned over to the mortal world.

The miracles that the nuns are able to perform are diverse. Some of them are given healing powers to cure the ill. some are given the ability to whisper prophecy in the ears of humanity. Some are given the ability to grant wealth to the impoverished. Some have been given the ability to cast out evil simply by speaking the authority of God. Some have been given the ability to share the ancient secrets of God. Either way, each angel has been given a miracle or miracles that they are able to perform. These miracles have been given to them by God directly before they descended to Earth to be born by the Birthing Angel into their mortal bodies.

We have acquired one of the Angelic Nun Rings. These rings are the ones that give them a connection to the Covent that allows them to continue to receive a fresh supply of white light God magic. It keeps their miracle power at maximum strength. The number of nubs on their ring represents the number of miracles that they are able to perform on Earth. The more powerful one of the nuns are, the more nubs they have on their ring. The ring that we have acquired has nubs the whole way around it. Each one represents a miracle.

Since you are a mortal and you have not been born as one of the Nun Angels, you will be given the ability to name the miracles that you choose to perform. They can be any white light miracle that you choose and you will receive as many miracles as there are nubs on this ring. As you can see the nun who once wore this ring was extremely powerful. A picture of her was painted onto the ring, with St. Gabriel's Book of Miracles when her mortal body expired.

The ring would have been kept and given to a new mortal body when this angel was reborn into a new one. I'm not sure what happened, but the cycle was broken and this ring was somehow confiscated by a private seller. We then bought the ring from him. We are now offering it to our customers. The ring has quite an immense history of doing miracles and is extremely powerful. It is pure white light and only can be used as such.

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