The Antediluvian and the  Mysteries of the World

The Antediluvian and the Mysteries of the World

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There are things that the human mind just wasn't meant to comprehend on its own. That is what sets some humans apart from others. If all humans were born knowing all things then there would be no rewards for those who go above and beyond to achieve transcendental excellence. The things of this world that are out of reach of the human mind are collectively referred to as the Mysteries. For instance, the real purpose of the pyramids is a mystery. The long and short count calendars of the Mayans, while some scientists think they've nailed it on the head, are a mystery. Stonehenge is a mystery. The Nazca lines are a mystery. There are many places in the ancient Orient that are mysteries. There are just things that are only meant for mystical clerics to really know and to understand.

The piece was originally created by an ancient entity who was omnipotent in what he could do. We met this entity several times in the astral realms. To be honest with you we couldn't tell you whether he was an angel, a djinn, or some other type of entity. All we know is that he goes by the moniker "The Antediluvian." The exact age of the character is completely up in the air, but I think it would be a solid guess that he was around before the Great Flood and has been around ever since. For all we know, we couldn't have come face-to-face with an alternate form of God, but we will never know. He only showed himself long enough to take this piece from around his neck and give it to us. He spoke no words, which really made our job in figuring out exactly what we were supposed to do with this piece a chore. Well, we finally figured it out and it has only taken us about five years. Yeah, that's sarcasm.

This is a revelation piece. When you wear this piece and you travel to places, it allows you to lay your hands on energetic hotspots and to see the past of that particular place in an instant. For example, if I was to travel to South American and visit one of the Star Chambers, and I happened to be wearing this piece, and I happened to place my hands on the wall of the star chamber, then I would see the history of the Star Chamber. I would see how shamans and star-gazers went there to revel in the powers and energies that the stars afforded them. I would be able to see how these same energies allowed them to create whatever powers and abilities they wanted. I would see that it opened up celestial portals for them to be able to travel to destinations all over the universe. And then, when I was all done seeing this, I would understand and I would be able to accept the mystery. I would also be able to use the powers in this piece to absorb the magic and the powers that I saw and to take them with me. I would gain the ability to use these powers because when I Accept the Mystery, the Mystery becomes mine to use forever.

Now, apply this principal thing things all over the world-- the Pyramids, Mayan Temples, the Bucegi Sphinx, the Abandoned Monasteries, the Parisienne Catacomb. The best thing is that you don't even have to be physically present in order for this piece to work. If you are wearing this piece in conjunction with a piece that allows you to astral travel, you can astral travel to places and be able to lay your hands on these locations, to understand them and to gain their powers without ever actually being physically present. You will be able to understand the mysteries of the world and to gain their powers and knowledge, without ever having to leave your home. If you already have an astral travel piece, or if you are an expert at astral travel then you should be good to go. If you don't have an astral travel piece, I would recommend that you buy one. We have them and they aren't expensive.

One last time, allow me to make this known. This piece gives you the ability to obtain the powers of the many mysteries of the world and to see the past of all the mysteries of the world, simply by placing your hand somewhere in the locale of the mystery. It is an insane power to be able to have if you ask me. We have tested this piece and have never come up short handed. In fact, we've learned things that we didn't know the answers to in the last 20 years. I'm not going to divulge those secrets and take the fun out of it for you, but I can tell you that we were all shocked with the information this piece gave us, the powers that it allowed us to acquire, and how powerful the piece actually is.

The piece you are getting is the one made by the Antediluvian.  It looks kind of like a cross in between a male and a female in the carving.  This is to represent the fact that this entity holds both divine feminine and masculine qualities about him.  In fact, I know I've been saying "He" this entire time, but the Antediluvian is really neither he nor she.  I guess I just get accustom to saying he.  Either way, this is a pretty accurate portrayal of what he/she/it looked like.  

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