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First of all I LOVE this piece! This is called the Asian Djinn with supernatural spin because of just how special he is. He is everything that a well abiding and all commanding djinn should be. Secondly he is a universal oracle of great psychic vision and telepathy. This is three supernatural powers all rolled into one.

He is trained by royal blood as he is part of the royal bloodline.  He does as you desire him to do with no begging or offerings. When worn you can take advantage of FULL and POWERFUL psychic ability that hits you like a storm! The visions you have with him are clear and accurate. He is made of crystal and the back of him will lay against your skin when you use him for visions of knowledge and telepathy. Your third eye opens and you can send messages to othesr or influence them as you see fit to do. This is really one of my favorites. I had a chance to get two vessels like this but couldn't. I do have another djinn like this but this vessel is the one I liked the most.

 You wear him for the psychic ability because the crystal is what creates a energy to transfer to your mind and brain.

His name is Bullsoon and he is quite the character for sure.


Testing after the vessel transfer was all I wanted it to be. With my psychic ability I couldn't test that end of it and had to have someone else do it. I had a few and the vessel was, crystal was cleansed each time. You have to do that because of someone elses energy. The four others that tested it either had slight ability, ability when a child or none at all. The results were fast on those who had it as a child and slower with those that had none ever. In ALL cases the psychic ability did come in.

Testing the djinn part was easier as he works well with all people. What did we test it on?

 We tested this on financial situations that were terrible and ALL became so much better and stress free.

We tested him on matter of love and relationships and in particular one that seriously had zero and I mean ZERO hope! They are back together now and the guy didn't go to jail! The jail part was specifically asked for and let me tell you, NO HOPE but Bullsoon Bonswang did come through. Bonswang is the last name. Yes he does have a last name. You can't change his name either as he doesn't want that. If you demanded it he would but that is the only thing I ask you not to do.

We tested this on test results that we knew were going to come back not good. And they were fine. Now you may ask that maybe that was how it was meant to be but it wasn't. Sometimes the key to things like that is to ask first and not after the situation happens.

There were many more too but all I can say is that it was a pleasure being with Bullsoon and you will enjoy it even more. So for a fast and lovable djinn go with him. Also the only note of caution is if you are around someone who is always out to get you, leave him at home, He will not tolerate evil towards his owner.

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