The Atomizer

The Atomizer

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We made this piece from a secret file that we got our hands on. This was one of the original secret files that came from Nikola Tesla's Manhattan apartment. Many different things would be discovered in those files and most of those files went on to the secret confines of the government. Only a few of those files have ever left that secret compound at Area 51 where they were locked up. However, you know that we have ways of getting things that most people do not. I'm not going to get into particulars. Just know that we have ways of getting things done.

The file that we got held secret information concerning the study of atoms that Tesla did while he was in Europe. This study deals with something called the atomizer. The atomizer is not a particular type of machines, rather a method collecting intergalactic energies that can be stored into an empty vessel. These energies hold the capability to perform something that is called atomizing. While scientists or others might have their own definition for what atomizing means, we have our own definition of atomizing, as defined by Nikola tela.

Here's the deal. When you are atomized, it means you are blasted with energy that will literally change the atoms in your body to mimic the atoms of a given type of entity. For example, if you want to acquire vampire magic, you can use the energy of an atomizer to meld vampire atoms with your own. If you want to be able to grant yourself wishes, you can use the atomizer to meld djinn atoms with your own. If you want white light fairy magic, use this piece to meld fairy atoms to your own.

To attract the atoms that you want, all you have to do is sit in a quiet place with this piece and meditate on the entity whose atoms you want to have. This will manifest those atoms and they will come to you and meld with your own and you will gain the powers that you want.

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