The Auclair French Quarter Coven

The Auclair French Quarter Coven

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As I'm sure you already know New Orleans is pretty much the paranormal capital of United States. You can literally find all kinds of supernatural entities there. You can find just about any type of magic that you are looking for. Having said that, it should be no surprise that this piece comes from New Orleans.

This piece holds a pendant that carries the crest of a powerful coven of French vampires. These vampires descend from French royalty who moved to New Orleans, figuring there would lots of fresh blood there and nobody to hold them accountable since the first people to colonize New Orleans were societies rejects. Anyhow, their coven's name is Auclair. They range in power and age, with the oldest member of the coven coming from the BC times.

This pendant is the Auclair Crest and holds a drop of vampire blood in crystalline form at the bottom. When you wear this piece, the drop of blood will be activated by your life energy. It holds ancient vampire powers such a psychic awareness, the ability to see the thoughts and control the minds of others, hypnosis, the ability to compel the minds of others to have them do what you want, the ability to have mind-blowing sex, speed, strength, etc.

You do not need to take blood with this piece, because you are not becoming a vampire, just gaining their powers. You simply need to wear this piece on a chain in order to begin the awakening process.

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