The Black and White Grim, Yin and Yang | STAR
The Black and White Grim, Yin and Yang | STAR

The Black and White Grim, Yin and Yang | STAR

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Black and White. Yin and Yang. The Grim and the Great.


This piece houses two very powerful entities that, when used together, can grant you the world on a silver platter if that is what you truly seek and intend to gain. These entities are not solely based off of the concept of Chinese Yin and Yang but they are identical in being opposites and requiring the other in order to exist. This piece can never be one or the other, what you get is a mixture of dark and white and then something somewhere in the middle.


Black; The Grim; Yin. This is the complete power of darkness and of all that is negative in life; misfortune, the bad luck, the strain, the obstacles. The Black Grim can breathe negativity upon whatever it chooses and bring nothing but chaos. It can destroy without the hope of salvation. It can inspire strain and impossible obstacles. The Grim is darkness and can generate the darkest power.


White; The Great; Yang. This is the complete power of light and of all that is positive in life; fortune, wealth, longevity, happiness, greatness, creation, activity and future. The White Grim is pure and positive. It can create something great out of nothing and this includes magic and all power that exists, especially that of white light. Together, they can create a neutral magic or a dual magic that can be used to achieve different forms of magic.


This piece, however, is peculiar because it must always be used thoughtfully and you must always be clear on through whom you are creating your magic, future, fortune or general desires. Whatever it may be. In other words, if you hope for a completely positive outcome, always console Yang. If you it in regards to yourself, we also recommend only consoling Yang or Yin and Yang as a unit; never Yin by themselves.


You can use this piece for revenge but that is one of the lesser things it can do. We encourage thinking outside of the box with Yin or the Black Grim. Create obstacles if it means empowering Yang. Create misfortune for those who attempt to bring it down on you and in turn be protected from bad karma by Yang. Always be conscious while using this piece because it is extraordinarily powerful but requires awareness.



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