The Bleeding Heart and Soul of Christ
The Bleeding Heart and Soul of Christ
The Bleeding Heart and Soul of Christ

The Bleeding Heart and Soul of Christ

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The Hellfire Club in Dublin is one of the most notorious secret societies to exist in history. We can trace its origins back to the old hunting lodge on Montpelier Hills. It was built for Irish Parliamentary Speaker William Connolly in 1725.

The lodge was built with old stones from the old passage tombs underneath the structure. The magical practices that went on there allowed for some pretty nasty spirits to make their entrance into the human domain. Ergo, the roof of the building was once blown right off the top of it. Legend has it that it was Satan himself that blew off the roof, but that hasn't been proven. It was probably magic gone wrong.

After the death of Connolly, the place was taken over by a bunch of aristocrats who held drunken orgies there, practicing the Occult and worshipping Satan. One of the parties took a turn for the sinister when one Lord Santry murdered an ill and bedridden servant alive. His body wasn't found for another 250 years, buried with a statue of Satan.

Sitting almost exposed in the hollow of the curious hill behind the Hellfire Club in Dublin is a dark chunk of blazing rock. It served as a border for many of the bonfires that took place there over the last couple of centuries. After thousands of years going unnoticed, light has recently been shed on the fact that the rock is a capstone to a passage tomb that runs deep beneath the grounds the aristocrats used to prance around in the sexual escapades. The symbols and designs that are carved into the rock are over 5,000 years old and they are the words that awaken the tomb and allow human entrance into it.

In the tomb is where the real secrets of the Hellfire Club exist. We were there for an investigation a few years back and we still have yet to figure out who the real keepers of the crypt are. The artifacts that are found there are new and old, meaning that the continued use of the passage tomb as a mystical relic treasury is inevitable. We found at the confines at the Hellfire Club that was made with dual magic-- neither dark nor light magic, but an impression magic that turns either dark or light when a person uses it.

The first piece that we found on our investigation is called the Bleeding Heart of Christ. This sterling silver ring holds the crystallized blood of Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross. Mixed in with the blood is the essence of his soul. You can see it by looking into the ring. It has been sealed with an alchemy spell that joins the blood and soul of Christ together in a perfect union. This creates a direct bloodline connection to the Christ in the person who wears this piece.

This piece creates a metaphysical spark that will create a reflection that will create Christ's presence and allow you to exist as Christ on Earth, to hold all of his powers and his bloodline.

This is not just simply gaining the bloodline of Christ, but you will also gain all of the insights of Christ and all of the Christ Blood Magic. This magic includes the ability to create miracles, to raise the dead, to cast plagues, and change the destiny of events and people. This also includes the ability to hold command over all things-- the weather, the elements, all white light magic, all dark magic, so on and so and so forth.


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