The Blood Cries Out, 1000 Voodoo Souls

The Blood Cries Out, 1000 Voodoo Souls

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So we got a little bit of a late start on this one, but it goes to show that we never stop working to make sure we are bringing you the most interesting and most powerful items that you can find.  Rio de Janeiro was once the world’s largest slave port in the entire world. The slave would be transported from Africa and shipped to the Portuguese colony of Brazil. Under extremely harsh conditions, many of the slaves wouldn’t make it.  They would be buried at the port upon arrival in Rio. Approximately 20,000 to 30,000 slaves were buried there, making it the world’s largest mass slave cemetery in the world. However, as time unfolded, officials built a town overtop of what was the slave burial site.  In the mid-90s a citizen who was remodeling her home came across mysterious bones and ended up rediscovering the grave and it caused quite the controversy. For sake of time, you can research all of those details online. There are some pretty gruesome details you might not want to miss.  

The meat and potatoes of our story come in the form of this item.  This item was sent down to Rio on an investigation to see what we could find out about the mass grave.  Indeed, it’s true what they say. The local officials really wanted nothing to do with it, or the inconvenience of having to uproot an entire town.  I mean, they have their heritage sites, but nothing has really been done to preserve the cemetery for what it once was. Either way, we had one of our investigators go down to Rio’s old port area, where the slaves were buried.  Using a summoning ritual, he was able to raise the souls of thousands of slaves that were buried at the site.

You know, you can’t think of Africa without thinking of their powerful Voodoo.  This is the power that this piece holds. It holds one thousand Voodoo Souls that were once entrapped at Rio’s old port area.  Some of the souls have passed on. Many have not. Unfortunately, he could not bring all the souls back with him, so he brought what he could.  The result is this piece, which holds 1,000 souls that are capable of Voodoo magic. This piece is a Voodoo caster and will cast any Voodoo spell that you want it to.  It doesn’t matter whether that is dark or white magic, dual, or otherwise. These souls are simply grateful to get away from their eternal prison in Brazil and they are very powerful in their abilities.  Your spells will be cast with 100% accuracy and they will be amplified by 100x every time you cast a spell.

To use this piece you will simply wear this piece on your person when you want to cast a spell.  You will then write out, in detail, the type of spell that you want to be cast and how you want it to play out, who you want it to effect, etc.  It will take maybe the course of a day or two, but you can rest assured that whatever you ask of these souls will be granted. They are eternally thankful for a new home.  

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