The Bloodline of King David
The Bloodline of King David

The Bloodline of King David

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If you're into djinn, feast your eyes upon this next, very powerful item.  It conjures the present of David Alury.  Who is David Alury?  He was a very powerful Jewish sorcerer of Kaballah magic.  He boasted that he was the descendent of King David and King Solomon after him.  Through his religiously royal blood line, the bloodline that also birthed Christ, he was given very many powers. 


He traveled the world showing people his slew of powers.  The Jewish people saw what he could and insisted that he was a Messiah sent to redistribute power and magic to the Jews.  However, the King of Persia ordered to be arrested and thrown in prison.  However bars and bolts proved to be no match to David Alury.  He appeared to the King, speaking to him.  The King was shocked to see him not in prison and ordered his servants to seize the man.  The one thing is that the King was the one who could see in.


After a hot pursuit that ended up on a seashore, David showed him self, throwing a veil into the water allowed him to travel freely in water as Jesus did in the Sea if Galilee.  He narrowly escaped that time, but the King blackmailed David's father-in-law  to kill David.  He was stabbed in his sleep and has existed only in soul realms and astral plains ever since.


Now why did I say this piece is for those of you who love djinn?  Well, because David was a descendent of King Solomon, he naturally absorbed the ability to create djinn.  Listen, he has other fantastic abilities to say the least.  However, this focused in his ability to create very powerful djinn, as was King Solomon. 


This piece contains the magic of King Solomon as passed in through the powerful magician David Alury, who held the bloodline.  With this piece you gain the powers to create your own djinn too.  These powers will allow you create different types of djinn.  Some could be for wishing.  Others for astral magic.  Others for wealth.  Still others can be creating for sacred knowledge.  It just really depends on the type of djinn you want to create.  

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