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As we look at history, we have to be careful not to assume that certain things happen simply because they happened.  It is few are far between that things do not happen for a particular reason.  You must understand that we live in a very complicated world that was designed as such by the hands of someone far greater and knowledgeable that we can hope to be.  The source of knowledge that this entity entails has made people wonder from the beginning of time what the purpose and meaning of life actually is.  While, I am doubtful that anyone reading this text will know the proper reason for living the life we do, I know that this knowledge is very possible, but know this knowledge is also very deadly.  What would a person do with the knowledge if they did managed ascertain the knowledge any how?  From a common sense stand point, something just aren't meant to be known; however, I suppose that if used correctly this knowledge can be very helpful, extremely useful, and allows for a life of enchantment that will far exceed any life that could have possibly been imagined.  The important thing to remember is that with enlightenment comes responsibility.  A lot of time with responsibility comes failure and utter demise.  This is the same reason why whomever looked upon the Ark of the Covenant would instantly turn to ash.  This is why the Book of all Knowledge has come to be known as the Book of Bad Things.  It is because there are a scant amount of people who may actually look upon all of the knowledge that book holds and live to tell about it. 

For example. the book was present on the Titanic when the ship sunk.  Ancient Han scholars had developed a strategy to read the book in fragments.  It came to pass, however, that these scholars-- all 100 0f them-- would be buried alive in the year 213 BC.  It has caused the minds of people to go completely wayward, such as it did Hitler when he banished books and ordered the mass biblioclasm under his Nazi Rule.  For, Hitler knew what the book was capable of and didn't want it to haunt him in his sleep.  He never managed to destroy the book.  There have been untelling destruction of the libraries this book was held in.  Take, for example the Great Library of Alexandria.  It was destroyed by the Visigoths, even though the book left the library just hours before the destruction.  The book then made its way to Europe where it caused the Plague.  It is believed to have been in Louisiana during the time of Hurricane Katrina and in many other places at the times of unfortunate events.  The markings of the book have been found etched into the skull of plague victims, the walls of torture dungeons, the Rocky remains of volcanoes eruptions, and on the battered stone statues of kings and queens that have had less that sterling reputations. 

I am sure, if you are like myself, you are asking yourself, "Why on Earth would anybody want to chase a book like this.  The reasoning is quite simple.  Why does Golem live in a cave and guard his "pretty" ring.  It is simply because behind the dark and mysterious tragedies that the book has caused, is hidden a secret text that will bring powers that nobody has ever even dreamt of.  In fact, the book holds the truths about mankind and the demise of mankind and the inevitability of mankind's fall from power.  It holds religious secrets, secrets of space travel, secrets of time travel, secrets of alchemy, secrets of spiritualism, secrets of religions.  It ties them all together in a way that makes sense because the Book of Bad Things is actually the truthful incarnation of the Book of Life.  It's unlucky connotation is merely a defense mechanism to keep those who wish to exploit the powers of the book at bay.  Again, you can draw similarities between this and the Ark of the Covenant.  There is immense knowledge to be held, but the book can read your soul and knows your intentions.  This reasoning is precisely why the book has caused so much grief, because humankind tends to be greedy.  You must go before the knowledge that the Book of Bad things has to offer with an humble heart.  The old saying goes, If you play with fire you get burnt.  In this case, the literal sense of this saying could not be any more real than the air we breath. 
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During my travels, I have often come across different items and objects that were supposed to give you the true knowledge of the Book of Bad Things.  I have mainly taken care to steer clear of any type of altercation with the book, merely because it pretty much leaves destruction in its wake everywhere that it goes.  How it was manageable to be rescued from the sinking of the Titanic, I have no idea.  What I do know is that this item comes from a source that I could trust with my own life.  He wishes not to be identified because he prefers to hang back in the shadows, such as I do most of the time.  At some point, even the most mysterious of entities must emerge from the dark, which is how we met at the modern-day Council of Trent.  Yes, they still meet to consider how they will manipulate the masses year by year, although it is held privately.  And if you ask me if my friend is of the Catholic Church I will also tell you, yes.  This is the furthest point I will speak of him, though other than to say that this piece does come form the Catholic Church. 

The reason this piece comes from the Catholic Church is because they are hording true knowledge from the masses in an attempt to control the world. This is precisely why this artifact has gone untouched for so many, many years.  It's because they were concerned that if the truth falls into the hands of the one who could actually do something with this power and magic, it might be Jesus all over again, where people actually evaluate where they stand with God.  Then, of course there will be break aways from the church, they will lose their money, and will have to stop enjoying the control and rich, lavish lifestyles they all enjoy in private.  Aside from this, the officials of the Church were waiting for someone who could accurately describe the prophecies that are set into the piece, along with the power, that describes the End of Times and the demise of humankind.  It's coming people, but the truth is hidden for those who can truly understand. 

As I'm sure I'm boring you with all this background hubbub, allow me to get right to the point and explain to you what it is that is at stake.  This piece was made by one of the few who have been allowed to look upon the Book of Bad things.  He has figured out a way to use the material in the book without it eventually driving the one who has the information mad.  All of the information in the book has been metaphysically inscribed into this piece - that is, it spirit form.  When you wear this piece the information will come to you in the form of a white dove, just like the white dove descended upon Christ, giving him all of the information that was given to Him during his baptism.  All of the knowledge has been ridden of any sort of negative connotation and will not be clouded by confusion or corruption.  The power that you get with this piece is ALL KNOWLEDGE.  As I have described before, the knowledge in this book takes everything that you know or anyone has ever known.  It weaves it together into the story of existence and will allow all of the hidden messages, forms of magic, and all other things on par with these, make sense.  Existence is a very complicated thing, but this piece will allow you to see existence through the eyes of the creator, to know all things, to understand all things, and to live above knowledge.  It draws conclusions between Christ and Aliens and Space and Demons and Witches.  Everything and everyone has its point or purpose, but you will never be able to look at it as a whole.  This piece gives you all the powers and knowledge of the great creator to inhabit every power ever made, every knowledge ever known, every truth ever spoken, every evidence ever created.  This is literally the time map from the beginning of everything and anything into the ever after, which you will allowed to see.  You will be allowed to practice all the powers associated with the creator and use all of his knowledge. 

This seems like an overload, but this piece was created in such a way that coaxes your mind into being able to handle it.  It was created by one of the few that have ever been able to master the knowledge in this book.  He made it this way on purpose, because so many people have been caused demise by the knowledge or warded off by the bad things caused by the book as to not fall into the wrong hands.  However, this knowledge is now yours for the taking all negative or bad connotations aside.  As for the book, nobody really ever knows where the book is.  It could be anywhere.  It could be right behind you, but you'll never known.  Well, not without this piece anyhow.  Enlighten yourself for eternity!  This piece will help! 

This is a beautiful pin with that bursts forth with flashes of white light.  The frame is sterling silver. 


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