The Book of Realities and the Spark of the Beast
The Book of Realities and the Spark of the Beast
The Book of Realities and the Spark of the Beast
The Book of Realities and the Spark of the Beast

The Book of Realities and the Spark of the Beast

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Here's the thing. In its purest form, magic is simply magic is just magic. There is no such thing as dark magic and white magic. At least, not until it is created. Dark magic is called dark magic, not because it is inherently evil. Rather, dark magic is just magic that is used from a place of despair, desperation, anger, regret, remorse, depression and any other raw, dark emotion that you can think of.

When Satan fell from Heaven, his magic became known as "dark" magic because he used the magic and the knowledge that was given to him by God in a very negative way. He harbors feelings of animosity, grief, remorse, all those things. Thus, when he is using the powers and the magic that he still has, he is doing it from a dark place Hence, it is dark magic. Knowledge cannot be a dark thing and magic can only be a dark thing if it is practiced as such, OR if an energy is created solely for dark purposes.

Having said all that, Satan's original magic and knowledge was created by the hand of God, shared with Lucifer, who was once the most magnificent angel in Heaven. Of course, a fight ensued and you know the rest of the story. This doesn't negate the fact that the magic that Satan holds onto is only evil because that is how he uses it. I'm only telling you this because the piece that we have manifests powers of Satan that he was given prior to his fall.

We obtained this piece from the Underground Auction. The only information that they would pass on to us about the piece is that is was obtained by a group of Satanic witches. At one point, this piece belonged to the leader of this coven who is called the Dark Mistress, because she is believed to have descended into Hell, where she copulated with Satan in order to spawn more demons for his dark army.

The jewel that you see attached to this piece is one that has come out of Satan's crown. The horn represents the horns of the Beast as spoken about in the Book of Revelations by the prophet John. It holds a spark of magic that can be seen within the piece from all directions, no matter which way you look at it. It was given to the Dark Mistress by Satan for her services.

The magic that is held within this piece has also been prophesied by the Apostle John in a secret book of prophecies that is called the Book of Realities. This was confiscated by the Catholic Church at the beginning of their reign and has been hidden from the human eye ever since. The secret that is held within the Book of Realities is the secret that is held in this piece and that is how to overcome the demonic forces that prey on society by using the same powers that they wield

This piece holds the ability to open up your senses and to become an extremely powerful being. Remember the time that Satan took Jesus to the top of a really high mountain and offered him all that he saw in return for obedience and for Jesus to bow to him? This magic is what would have created the realities that Satan could have offered Jesus. This power did not come from Satan, but from God. The reason this power was being used was to spite God and the powers that he had given to dark lord.

This power is the ability to create your own reality. This means that you will be able to create whatever life you want to you live. It is the ability to grant yourself whatever it is that you most desire. This is the power that God uses when answering prayers. It is the power in the Bible that is talked about when they say that with God all things are possible. With this piece, it is possible not only to grant yourself everything that you have ever wanted but to diminish the evil that exists in the world simply by willing it out of existence.

This is why the church has kept the Book of Realities a secret. Without the fear of evil, they hold no power over the masses. It's the same reason why they preach hellfire and brimstone. They want to scare people into following. This piece negates all that. It opens up the true will of God and that is to love his people and give them everything that they have always wanted. This is what this piece will do for you. It will also allow you to create a better world with the ability to vanquish evil simply by willing it out of existence. Of course, that part is up to you.

Remember, when using this piece that the magic may have come from a dark place, but that is because it was being used with a dark heart. You don't have to be dark and frankly, we will be able to vet the people who attempt to purchase it and we will NOT sell it to anybody who has dark intentions. This piece needs to be relished for the amazing powers that it brandishes and embraced by somebody who is not only going to get everything they've always wanted but also use this piece from a place that is not going to contribute to any more darkness. It's the reason why we purchased it in the first place.

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