The Book of Souls
The Book of Souls
The Book of Souls
The Book of Souls
The Book of Souls
The Book of Souls

The Book of Souls

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This is another piece that we found at the Underground Auction. There is nothing earth-shattering to write about how we found this piece, obviously. Rather, the astounding part of this piece is in what it will do for you. To begin with, this piece is a size 15 Sterling Ring. We don't get many men's rings this size, so it is actually pretty rare. Then, there's the fact that this piece is laden with magic that extends thousands of years!

This ring was once the possession of a group of magicians called the Soul Keepers. The Soul Keepers are immortal magicians that have lived since Sumerian times. They are offspring of the Annunaki male gods and the female humans they took as Earthly concubines. They cannot die, but evidently, they can be duped, because I'm pretty sure they didn't just give this piece up after the amount of work that went into making it.

Here's the thing, the Soul Keepers are timekeepers, in that they have been tasked with traveling the world and collecting souls of all kinds. They do this to create an archival record of the magic of the world. They have a book called the Book of Souls. The Book of Souls is a book that has nothing at all written in it, save for a few symbols. These are symbols that keep the souls trapped and at bay. The book is carried around from place to place with the Soul Keepers, as they don't want their work to fall into the wrong hands.

Occasionally-- and I mean very rarely-- there would be pieces made that replicated the knowledge of the soul kept in the Book of Souls into other relics, artifacts, pieces, etc. This ring is one of those artifacts. This piece the knowledge of the Book of Souls. There are thousands upon thousands of souls in the Book of Souls, and this piece holds all of their knowledge. It contains an archive of each of the soul's magic. Keep in mind, the souls in the Book of Souls were only captured if they had seriously powerful magic to offer. So all things considered, these souls are the cream of the crop.

When you wear this ring, it will take a little while for you to bond with it. It could be three weeks, it could be four weeks. You will meditate with it to begin the bonding process and then simply wear it for the prescribed time. You will know when the bonding has been completed because you will feel a surge of energy and power. Trust me.

Below is a list of the types of magic this piece offers. This is not an all-inclusive list of magic. Rather, this is only what I can remember. from working with the piece. Obviously, I'm not going to recollect thousands of different types of souls that I encountered when using this piece. You will have a very enlightening time experiencing these souls. Here is the list of the types of magic that you will receive.

-Mayan Temple, Ritual, Blood Magic

-Egyptian Magic

-Inca Magic

-Aztec Magic

-Native American Magic, including magic from hundreds of tribes

-Kabbalah Magic

-Hermetic Magic

-Sethian Magic

-Gnostic Magic

-Seidr Magic

-Runic Magic

-Celtic Magic

-Pagan Magic

-Druidic Magic

-Coptic Magic

-Germanic Magic

-Astral Magic

-Summoning Magic

-Wealth Magic

-Solomonic Magic

-Templar Magic

-Freemason Magic

-Illuminati Magic, the magic of the original Illuminated Ones

-Oriental Magic, including Chinese and Japanese magic

-Vedic Magic

-Tantric Magic

-Tibet and Nepalese Magic

-Australian Aboriginal Magic

-Grecian Magic

-Roman Magic

-Nazi Magic from WWII

-Sumerian Magic

-Babylonian Magic

-Nephilim Magic/Angelic Magic

-Djinn Magic

-Magic of the Fair Folk

-Soul Alchemy

-Alchemy in General

-Pyramid Magic, including Egyptian, Mayan, Peruvian, etc.

-Blood Ritual Magic

-Jesuit Magic, Abrahamic Magic

-Vampire Magic

-Ouroboric Magic

-Serpentine Magic

-Draconic Magic


-Third-Eye Wakening/Full Psychic Awakening

-Werewolf Magic

-Sanguine Vampire Magic

-Energetic Vampire Magic

-Sphinx Magic

-Astral Travel Magic


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