The Buckingham Oracle

The Buckingham Oracle

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The Buckingham Oracle is a spirit that is kept at an undisclosed confine within the Buckingham Palace. Well, what I really mean to say is that the spirit is kept in a piece at the Buckingham Palace and that this piece is at an undisclosed location. It belongs exclusively to the royal family and anybody else who tries to use this piece or the Oracle will soon fall sick and die. In fact, several people have attempted to steal their piece. They were people close to the Queen who were jealous of her immense power and thought they'd somehow get away with stealing it. That's a big no-no. The Oracle has a psychic connection to the monarch and it will eventually be returned after the person that takes it is killed due to the impending illness. This is how powerful the Oracle is and how loyal she is to the royal family.

However, we have found a loophole and a way around it. By duplicating the powers and energies into a second piece, we have been able to effectively figure out a way to access the Buckingham Oracle without any consequences. The person who was able to make this happen for us begged to remain anonymous because of how close he was to the Royal Family. He wants to be able to get more stuff before he gets out. In the meantime, we ended up with the piece and it is very powerful.  

When using this piece, you will sit in front of a mirror. You must be wearing the items. You will concentrate on the mirror until the Oracle begins to take form. After she does it's game time. You will be able to ask the Oracle any question that you choose and she will give you the correct answer. In fact, you can ask her to see anything and she will show it to you, even your future. It will show you others' futures. It can show you historical events that you will be able to visit and absorb the energies of these places. You will be able to be able to set these energies into your piece and enjoy them at your leisure. The best thing is that the Oracle and show you anything, so be creative with this piece. She will show it to you through you mirror and the powers will be yours for the taking.

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