The Cave of Treasures and the Angel of Wealth
The Cave of Treasures and the Angel of Wealth

The Cave of Treasures and the Angel of Wealth

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When God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, he didn't see them go entirely empty handed. In fact, when they were exiled, he sent them away with many forms of magic. This magic was a collection of white light powers that God knew would keep his new creation safe from the harsh conditions that they would face out in the "real world." Gone were the days when Adam and Eve could reside comfortably on the inside of Eden. The new life of having to work for what they wanted began and this is why God gave them a trove of power that they could use should they face extreme hardship. These powers were set into the form of amulets and talismans that were kept in a secret, hidden spot. It was cave that ran deep into the Earth. The duo called it the Cave of Treasures, because it held the host of magical treasures that had been given to them by God.

Ages upon ages later, secret manuscripts have been found that highlight the location of the Cave of Treasure. It isn't exactly clear who wrote these manuscripts, but it is clear the manuscripts were not meant to be in the hands of the average man. It was written in such a confusing code that very few who read the code were able to decipher what the text was saying. Now, we have been to the Cave of Treasures before-- only because Tomer was able to point us in the right direction. However, when it came to these secret manuscripts that popped up, we were extremely interested. Not only because it would re-deliver us to the Cave of Treasures (we have since sold the piece that allowed us to astral travel there), but also because we wanted to know who wrote the manuscript and where it came from.

The Manuscript went on tour, in secret, with only certain collectors of the most magical items being invited to try and crack the code. Of course, we were invited and when the scrolls came to America, we wasted no time in becoming some of the only people who were allowed to view the secret manuscripts. We took with us a psychic decoding piece, but even with this magic, it was extremely difficult to crack the case. Of course, we acted like we knew nothing, but secretly, we created a holographic item that would project a copy of the scrolls in a holographic reality for us when we were ready to revisit them.

When we were able to sit down and put our full concentration into the deciphering of the scrolls without people breathing over our shoulders, wanting to be the first to witness what the ancient writings said, we were able to fully crack the code. Again, we did this with a psychic decoding piece and if I said that it happened over night I would totally be lying. The process took quite a bit of time. The results of cracking the code were phenomenal though. This is because once the code was cracked, we used the secret message hidden in the scroll to find an amazing item that grants something that every human individual wants-- and that is extreme wealth.

The message in the scrolls served as somewhat of a treasure map. It was extremely exciting, especially as we traveled to Israel to meet up with Tomer and tell him what we had found. He was able to act as a guide and to give us specific instructions as to what the ancient treasure map meant. Without getting too specific in the process of how we found the Cave of Treasures, I'd just like to convey that eventually this is where we found ourselves. The scroll that we were able to decipher, which we are assuming was the whole thing, unless the people that showed us the scroll originally were playing games, as well, was designed to lead us to this specific piece. The piece houses what is called an Angel of Wealth. The person who owns the piece awakens and controls the Angel of Wealth, who at one point in time, was the guardian for all of Gods white light riches. In the Bible it tells you to store up riches in Heaven and that is what this angel is the guardian of-- all of the spiritual riches that God has stored up in Heaven that he will eventually give to the people who have earned it.

What does this mean for you? Well, in the mortal realm, this angel serves a dual purpose. First the Angel of Wealth will seek out physical treasure and wealth for you in your human form. It will bring this wealth to you in many forms. You will begin to see the wealth in your life multiply as vastly as it had for Adam and Even when the first used this power after God booted them out of the Garden of Eden. This is the wealth power that allowed them to cultivate the Earth and to grow wealth by harvesting plenty of crops. You will also "harvest crops" but the crops you are going to harvest are in the form of money and other riches. The angel will bring the money to in various areas of your life.

In addition, every time the Angel brings you wealth on Earth, you will receive a duplicate form of wealth in Heaven. This way, when it is your turn to "cross over" you will have amassed spiritual wealth and richest to "return home" to. These spiritual riches will include a host of white light magic powers, since physical wealth means nothing in the spiritual realm. These powers can also be used in the mortal realms, with your Angel of Wealth as the liaison. As they are created, he will give you the powers that are being created for you in Heaven, with the ability for you to practice those powers now.

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