The Chronographer
The Chronographer

The Chronographer

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This piece is a little bit of many things that you have most likely heard about.  The result is that I have gained possession of an item that is extremely powerful in what it does, but it only does that one thing.
This isn't like the Nine Nirvanas piece that will do nine different powers.  This piece does one, but it is guaranteed to work like no other that you have ever used.  The reason I can guarantee this is because I have used this piece myself, personally.  If thinks don't work, I don't say they do.  I have a long legacy of magic and I don't intend to ruin that any time soon.  
The piece that I am offering, I got while I was staying with a sorceress friend of mine who is called Svetlana.  Svetlana is an immortal like I am and has somehow managed to weasel her way in Russian government.  They have no idea she is an immortal or of the magic that she practices when not serving in her capacity. Svetlana was a cadet who served out her duty on a secret Russian base that is located in Latvia.
Latvia was once part of the Soviet Union, but when the Cold War ended, the base was supposedly disbanded.  Of course, you know those sneaky Russians.  They pretty much just do whatever they want.  They base was kept open, as well as its capacity to hold nuclear weapons.  
The base's main priority took a different turn, though.  Latvia seemed to be the perfect place to carry out business in private.  Thus, Russia began secret time travel tests on the base.  They called in special forces, those forces having obtained secret manuscripts from Nikola Tesla, who was huge into time-travel.  Additionally, they called in secret powers that were given to the Tsar by Rasputin.  Together, these two powers were able to develop a technology that allowed the Russians to time travel better than any military in the world.
Think of the Philadelphia Experiments, but then amplify that by like fifty times.  This is how powerful the new Russian experiments in time were.  These experiments were run on citizens both willing and unwilling.  The Russians didn't care, they just wanted to finish what they were doing;  And they did.  The result is an astound collection of time-travel pieces that are used constantly by the Russian government for different purposes.  I can't even say that I know what these purposes are, I just know that the time-travel does occur and the piece that was given to me by Svetlana is one of those pieces.  
The item looks plain enough.  It is a silver bracelet watch with two clock faces on it.  One of the faces holds your current place in time.  The other clock face is what holds the time-traveling ability.  With this ability all you have to do is imagine that you are in a time-period or a certain place in time.  You will automatically begin to travel there. The pieces will open a portal.  This portal will appear a clear anomaly in space-time.  You will be able to look through it to confirm that on the other side of the portal is the time period in which you want to be.  
When you arrive you can do what it is you were sent to do or what you wanted to do.  You can use this piece for any purpose, including traveling back to times when you know other powers will be present to gain those powers two.  A good example of this would traveling back to the time of the visions of Fatima to gain the fourth secret.  Another example would be traveling back to the time of Atlantis to gain their wisdom.  The possibilities are endless, but in order to make impossibilities possibilities, you need this piece!  
This piece is also endowed with a white light protection.  It will keep you safe while time traveling.  As an added bonus, any powers that you obtain while you are out and about can be transferred and kept in this piece for access at a further time.  Given its amazing abilities, this piece has been nicknamed the Chronographer.  The Chronographer is your one chance to get on the inside of some very powerful Russian technology that allows you to travel back in time to any point, or forward in time to see what's in store for you or somebody else or to gain the powers used by the ancients.  The choice is up to you!


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