The Circle of Six Angels,beautiful necklace of Pure Heavenly Power
The Circle of Six Angels,beautiful necklace of Pure Heavenly Power
The Circle of Six Angels,beautiful necklace of Pure Heavenly Power

The Circle of Six Angels,beautiful necklace of Pure Heavenly Power

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A lot of times we get pieces in that we don't necessarily have to give a whole great big back story on.  We find these pieces here or there or sometimes we can't really tell you where we get the pieces.  I can tell you that we got this piece after an investigation at a megalithic structure in Western PA that is simply referred to as Heaven's door.  Nobody knows why the structure was placed, in fact, not many people even know of the place.  Unless your a local, you wouldn't have a clue it exists simply because it's back a forested highway.  You have to pull over exactly at the right spot, follow the exact right path and make sure you don't get lost.  It isn't something that people advertise, because they want to be able to preserve the place for as long as possible.  Over exposure could really jeopardize the place and its sanctity as far as vandalism and what not. 

Out of respect for the locals, I'm not going to say exactly where the spot is.  If you are lucky enough to find it, that would be pretty cool.  The place is beautifully scenic  Some people say the  megalith was made by human and places in the mountains.  Others say it was naturally formed there by God.  Either way, the effect it has on the soul is amazing.  It's like you walk through the doorway to serenity, where your entire body just feels like it's at one and given pretty much  a white light awakening to the world.  Things see brighter nature smells better.

We went to this place because I have some friends in Pittsburgh that happened to know where it was at.  We anticipated it just to be a small investigation, like, "oh that's neat, here's some healing power."  However, when we walked through the door, which we thought was called that because of the feeling you get from being one with nature, Deedee began to have a vision.  She saw an altar fall from Heaven, and upon the altar was this piece.  She said she saw it come down with six creatures that burned like fiery torches.  until the hit the ground then they disappeared and this is when the piece appeared on the altar.  Obviously, she reached out to touch the piece, thinking that it might just be a vision.  When she clasped the piece, she brought it crossed it over from the spirit realm to our own, because I couldn't even see the piece until she did.

This piece contains the presence of six guardian angels that we call Circle of Six.  They will watch over you and give you divine protection.  They will also give you some pretty cool powers and abilities.  Below is the list of the six angels that you will be able to conjure for their abilities/powers. 

Donquel:  He is an Angel of Love and is a "twin soul" angel that will pretty much read your own soul to allow him to find you true love free through bringing you your one true soul mate.

Gadiel:  He is an Angel of Wealth whose name literally means "God is my wealth."  By calling upon his presence you will open up full powers of his wealth energy.  This will go forward and pull different forms of wealth from across the mortal realm.  They will be delivered to you and given to you to do with as you please.

Anauel:  He is the Angel of Prosperity, but do not get him confused in with the Angel of Wealth.  Yes, prosperity is a lot of times associate with wealth, but moreover prosperity is extreme success in those things you endeavor to do.  For instance, if you wish to be white witch, this piece will help you prosper in those abilities.  If you wish to be a shape-shifter then this piece will help you prosper in those abilities.  Of course, if you wish to be wealth then this piece will help you in that area as well.  in this case, you will have a double team of very powerful angels bringing your prosperous wealth.

Nathaniel:  His name literally means the "Fire of God."  More or less, he is like the Holy Spirit and carries God's white light divinity and magic.  He instills wisdom in the mind of those who summon him.  This wisdom is the ancient knowledge of the Book of Life that hasn't been written, but writes itself.  It pretty much contains all of the magic that God has used from Day One of his existence.  Well, we'll call it Day One.  With this piece, you'll see what I mean.  

Elijah:  Angel of Innocence.  Enough said.  He is the one who was commissioned by God to build the Tree of Life and later sent to Earth as a prophet.  It is said that it is also important to store of treasures in Heaven, because this is your place of destiny.  When summoning his presence he will pretty much cleanse your entire body and soul of any type of impurity or blemish their are.  This will make you perfect in the eyes of the Lord and will allow you to start building your own perfect Heaven by being able to begin building up your treasures. 

Angel of Destiny:  He goes by no name other the Angel of Destiny.  Sometimes he can be referred to as the Angel of Death, but only when people neglect to realize that conjuring this Angel for help is all they need to do to stay in the lighter side of his power.  By using this piece to conjure the Angel of Destiny, he will allow you to control your own.  That's pretty much it.  I mean, you can use the powers in this piece to see into your future so that way if something doesn't stack up the way you want it to.  You can use this angel's power to alter the paths of the your destiny to pretty much lead yourself down any path of destiny you choose.

This is a very powerful piece, so don't just look over it.  Give it some serious consideration, because we only have one of these and as soon as it is gone, it's gone.  

This is a gorgeous and large sized pendant of purity in splendor. It's gorgeous color of pink with slight flashes of other colors set all in sterling with a great chain too. The pictures do not show how large the stone is so  I want to let you know that the stone alone is about the size of a nickel.

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