The Club of Time
The Club of Time
The Club of Time
The Club of Time

The Club of Time

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The piece that you are receiving is a GORGEOUS gold over sterling silver ring with multicolored stones.  Its beauty is only rivaled by the powers that are held within.


We got this piece from an acquaintance who was lucky enough to experience the Club of Time before they moved on.  They move every 100 years or so and it was their time, but the person that I got this piece from rubbed elbows with the club just years before they vacated and moved onto their next location.  Unfortunately, I do not know where that next location is.  They aren't really keen on giving out the details of their whereabouts since it is a secret club and all.  

The Club of Time has always existed and its founders and members are immortals.  The immortals are constantly taking new physical forms so that way they can keep up with the times.  They always appear young-- in their 30s or early 40s and they are the most attractive group of people that you will ever meet.  They are very stylish.  They are the kind of people you see in magazines.  Some of them have even existed as celebrities before.  Then, when the time comes those celebrities die and they take a new form.  It's all cyclic for them.  

In the most recent hundred years, they have been staying at a hotel called Chateau Noire.  The Chateau Noire is not a hotel that you will have ever heard of, unless you have some sort of connection to the underground in New York City.  It is a place where the uppercrust of society goes when they want to get away from their "oh so busy" lives.  It is one of the most exclusive places in the city and from the outside, the building looks a bit like a rundown flophouse-- only very many stories high.  

The Chateau Noir houses some of the most feeble-minded rich people that you could ever come across.  Nonetheless, they are rich people, so they accommodate their superstitions.  One way they do this is that they have entirely eliminated the 13th floor.  I mean, the floor is still there, they have simply eliminated any visual context of its existence.  They have even gone as far as establishing a private elevator that takes the residents of the 13th floor to a submerged entrance that nobody knows about, not even the guests that stay there regularly.  It's as if the 13th floor doesn't even exist and never has.  The staircases go directly to the 14th floor from the 12th.  All the other elevators do the same.  

Guess who wasn't afraid of the 13th floor and has been living there since the early 1900s?  If you said the Club of Time you would be correct.  Now, I've told you about the mysterious existence of the Club of Time, but what exactly is it that they do?  Who are they really?  They are what they sound like.  They are a group of immortal beings who control the essence of time.  They are the regulators of time who are tasked with keeping the flow of time running smoothly and efficiently.  

Nobody really knows where they came from or what magic they use to do this.  They could angelic beings or they could members of an ancient Illuminati-like secret society.  They could be a race of aliens that take human skins.  The truth is we just don't know and that is because they like their anonymity.  They stay hidden in the shadows at all costs because they don't want to be exposed.  It's not like they can simply hop back in time to do damage control, but that can get messy.  They tried doing damage control that one time the Catholic Church really screwed with time magic and we ended up losing a couple of hundred years.  So, they'd rather just remain anonymous.  

How did our acquaintance become so lucky as to have an in with this group?  She was born with the natural ability to control time.  The Club of Time controls the essence of time and therefore knows the present location of all time magic at all times.  It is what they do.  While minor time magic is no harm to reality, they are always on the lookout for something huge that could throw reality into disarray.  As such, they have all the time magic that you could possibly think of.  Their antediluvian magic gives them full control over time and allows them to travel through time freely as they choose, but also to exist outside of time, which is essentially how they have received their immortality.  

Our acquaintance had an ability that allowed her to accordion time where she could make periods of time that she chose last for nearly as long as she wanted and then could zip through the undesirable parts to get the part she wanted to be in.  They were interested in that so they invited her to a meeting of theirs, on the 13th floor of the Chateau Noir in New York City.  It was a black and white soiree and she said she couldn't believe her eyes when she realized some of the people who were part of the Club of Time-- or should we say some of the people who the members pretend to be.  

As a "thank you" for allowing the Club of Time to duplicate her ability they gave her this piece.  She doesn't use the piece because she's not into the whole time-travel thing.  She doesn't even use her own ability much.  This is why she has elected to allow us to find a home for this piece.  This is a very powerful piece that has been given a very powerful ability.  It holds the arcane magic of the Club of Time and is the very essence of their magic.  You will not find a time magic piece that is as powerful as this one.  I promise you that.  It has taken thousands of years to perfect this magic.  I'm not saying that this piece is thousands of years old.  Rather, I'm saying the magic that has gone into it is that old.  

What does this piece do for you?  It allows you to control the essence of time.  It allows you to exist outside of the parameters of time to fully control the essence of it.  Using this piece you can create metaphysical doors to any point in time that you desire to travel.  You will travel there within your own mind and once you arrive at where you are going you will be able to interact with your surroundings as if you were actually there.  The best part is you will be able to acquire any powers/magic/abilities that are present in the time you are visiting.  

You will be able to use this piece in conjunction with the energies of the place you are visiting a piece that you carry with you to create what are known as Time Capsules.  These Time Capsules carry the essence of a time and place that you visit including all the magic thereof.  For instance, we were able to create an Annunaki Time Capsule by traveling back to the time of the Sumerians.  We can now use that piece to connect to the Annunaki who grant us things we ask for.  

Another time we tested this piece we used the powers within to travel to Pangea where we experienced something called the World Pyramid.  This was a pyramid that was actually built by the inhabitants of the original world continent who were extremely enlightened before they were separated.  The World Pyramid held their essence and their livelihood. It held all of their magic and they existed as a hive mind with the knowledge of the pyramid feeding them all the things they needed.  We were able to create a time capsule that is going on later today.  The point is this piece allows us to create that piece and the time capsule to preserve that magic.  

There are a bunch more places we traveled using this piece, but the last one I will tell you about is the future.  We don't really say too much about the future with our time travel pieces, because there is so much unknown.  What I will say is that this piece allowed us to travel to the future.  We traveled to a time where the inhabitants were going through a period of time that was known as the Thousand Years War.  It was an epic struggle between white light forces and those who have joined forces with Satan to attempt to take over the world.  While we were there we came across a legion led by the Archangel Michael who gave us divine protection, as well as knowledge of the End Times, such as the number 666, the four horsemen, the seven scrolls, and all the other things you read about all the time.  This was pure knowledge and we created a time capsule to preserve it using this piece.  

This piece also allows you to do other things such as freeze time for up to a minute.  It allows you to rectify time or to go back in time to fix mistakes that were made.  It allows you to exist in parallel time regions, which are essentially parallel dimensions that exist in foreign systems of time.  Time as humans know it is a social construct, but when working with the essence of time, you really get to see what it is all about and how it operates.  An example of this would be how God created the world in a single day.  His time exists separately from our own and there are many other powerful beings that exist in their own Time regions that this piece allows you to visit.  The bottom line is that this piece is extremely powerful.  It controls times and you are the one who reaps the benefits!  

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