The Codes of Life and Existence
The Codes of Life and Existence
The Codes of Life and Existence
The Codes of Life and Existence

The Codes of Life and Existence

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This piece is a very unique sterling silver pendant with real gemstones. 


This piece is incredible because not only does it prove that intelligent design is the basis of the universe, but it allows you to become the designer. We have offered pieces like this before, but this one takes the cake. It’s also unique because while we have offered pieces that allow you to design your own destiny or create your own reality, this one gets down into the nitty-gritty. It gets into the numerology of it all. The thing is, what we call sacred numerology is actually a very complex form of computing. We just don’t understand and it mystifies us, so it has to be metaphysical, right? Well, kind of.



God-- we will call Him the Creator-- has a complex existence and within that existence are codes. These are numbers that produce energetic frequencies and they are what determines what an entity will become. You can think of this as kind of like the finger positions on an instrument. Different fingerings make different sounds. Different number sequences make different types of people. The thing is that it takes billions of numbers to even create the tiniest form of matter. This is totally cool because the Creator is both omnipresent and omniscient. He’s like a supercomputer and can create humans left and right-- unlike mining bitcoin, which takes forever.  



Having said that, the average human mind doesn’t have the capacity to be able to create simply because the “energetic biosphere” doesn’t have the hardware capable of holding such capacity. In other words, unless we receive some sort of enlightenment, this “sacred numerology” as we call it will never be able to be revealed to us. This is why even performing a small magical feat takes so much work. While magic may have been embedded in humans by the Creator, we also weren’t designed to actually practice magic, which is probably why it’s considered a sin.  



Anyway, the entire universe has been created by these long strings of numbers and our brains are processed to see what has been created in a certain way-- kind of like a computer reads binary code. When you see an icon and click it, a string of numbers is sent to the computer that tells it what to do. In our minds, we see what the Creator intended for us to see.  



These strings of numbers determine everything from what we feel, who we are, whether we are rich or poor, powerful or humbled, etc The Cosmic Conscious holds millions upon millions of these strings of numbers that influence and alter reality as we know it. 



 Having said that, there are also glitches to the system-- Cancer, AIDS, other diseases. The Creator knows and tried to administer patches via miracles and healing energies.  



Either way, what we are offering you is a very rare ability. There are millions of these codes that are hidden in the Cosmos. When you get this piece you will be given a form of enlightenment that will allow you to process and interpret these codes. Better yet, you will also be able to call upon the codes for certain characteristics or things you want to create for your own life.  



For instance, there’s a code for wealth. There is a code for fame. There is a code for summoning. There is a code for spell casting. There is literally a code for everything. Every power. Every ability. Every outcome. Every action. This piece will literally allow you to energetically bring whatever experiences you want out of this life into existence and reality. We call them the Codes of Life and Existence.



Again, the knowledge of the codes of existence is what this piece will bring to you. The rest is simply connecting with this piece and making it happen. 




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