The Conquoer of All Things Desired | STAR
The Conquoer of All Things Desired | STAR
The Conquoer of All Things Desired | STAR
The Conquoer of All Things Desired | STAR
The Conquoer of All Things Desired | STAR

The Conquoer of All Things Desired | STAR

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This piece is regarded as one of the most desired among the underground at the moment. We've had a number of offers for this piece because there are rumors going around that it is in our possession. It is true but we figure that it is best to let people keep guessing for a while. It is a bit interesting that this item is so sought after given how long we've had it. We imagine that the reason it has grown in popularity lately is because of where it comes from and how unbound the power it has is. What makes this piece so powerful is the magic that binds it together. It is a very old form of magic that is no longer practiced and has not been in practice for a couple of centuries.

The origin of magic in this piece goes back about 2,000 years ago in Rome. There was a sort of hidden and unofficial group. It was not a society, not an order... they identified more as a counsel - that's what they preferred to call themselves. They only ever called themselves an order if in the context of The Order as in the influence over Rome because that is primarily what they did. They had heavy influence over Rome during the time of their existence despite how short it was - it only last for a generation or so.

In fact, they heavily influenced much of the reign of Julius Caesar who was the head of their entire following. They were all, in their own way, extremely magically inclined. Back then, it was a choice - a way of life - that one was dedicated to if they ever became the practitioner of magic or power so they were very advanced. They would likely put many modern cultists today to shame with how concentrated and refined their power was. With their power, they encrypted a piece - something Caesar could wear subtly upon his person like any other jewelry, and gave it power from each of their own beings.

He could gain from it anything they desired; victory, wealth, love or even fame. It didn't matter. He only needed to let himself have it. Despite being this piece's first use, it is easily the biggest and most effectively it had ever been used. The proof in that is in the fact that as I mentioned Julius Caesar, you know exactly who I'm talking about.

First and foremost, this piece allows you to fuel your own power and magic by keeping it close to your body where it will be charged with the natural electrical currents that stem from your brain throughout your entire body. Because this is constantly happening, the piece will never deplete in energy, power or magical capability. Another thing this piece does is, because it is fed by your electrical brain waves, it allows you to simply think things into existence. There is no necessity for elaborate rituals or spells - you can just think it and it will be pulled into existence. This is not specific to the manifestation of power - it applies to other things as well.

You can choose for things to be true that were not true before. However, with these, it is a bit different to just needing to think it into existence. You must speak it into existence with these specifically. The act of speaking it into existence is what establishes it as a truth.

For example, if you want to possess the ability to attract women - or men, whatever floats your boat, I don't judge - then you must speak - out loud - the logistics of what you want to be true. Example:

"Any man or woman who lays eyes on me will instantly want to bang me." or, alternatively "Any man or woman who I desire to be mine, will be mine regardless of whether or not they are already taken."

However, perhaps your interest lies in psychic power or extreme wealth? Then you want to give yourself that of which you desire by openly saying it is already yours. This piece is an ultimate excuse to be selfish and get away with it. However, keep in mind that you do not always need to add a logistic, especially if your desires are unconditional. Just add 'no exceptions' at the end of every declaration of your desire. Example:

"I can hear the thoughts of any who cross my path, no exceptions." or "If it is wealth, it is mine, no exceptions." But it is important to note that you will get everything then that comes with either of those things. The good and the bad thoughts of those who walk by, wealth of love, sex, money, knowledge, etc. It comes with the whole bit so if there is an exception, you must state it. Otherwise, this piece is limitless in what you can give yourself.

This item is made up of the original metal and stones of the original piece but it has been reformed as time has attempted to destroy it. Unlike a lot of modern items, vessels of magic back then were very 'in the moment' based and it was never truly a necessity to ensure that the item served thousands of years into the future. Any item that served its purpose in the moment was well-made. That being said, again, the majority of this piece is made up of the original metal and stones, which are sealed with the magic.

Sterling silver ring.


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