The Core of Arcane Magic | STAR
The Core of Arcane Magic | STAR
The Core of Arcane Magic | STAR
The Core of Arcane Magic | STAR
The Core of Arcane Magic | STAR

The Core of Arcane Magic | STAR

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   This story is as told by our close friend and fellow immortal Delilah Muse who aided in preventing the collapse of the realm of immortality. Since then, she has made use of her skill and knowledge gained through various wars to help maintain peace and order across this realm and the next. The Core of Arcane Magic is an authentic item of great power created by the gods of the Phantom Portal. It is the only one of its kind. A replica will never exist.



It’s been so long… Well, it feels that way because of all of the time traveling I’ve done. On some planets I’ve lived for thousands of years and I occasionally forget that it has only been about 300 years on Earth… It’s odd how time works, don’t you think? But excuse me, I’m meant to be answer your question about the piece I’ve given you.

I once met a particularly strange man who was different to anyone I had ever met before. I remember him quite clearly… he often still comes to my thoughts randomly as though to make sure I never forget him but it has been over 300 years since the day we had physically crossed paths. I don’t think he wishes to be forgotten.


            It was during the early 1700s and I was settled on the edge of London, England, which was and still remains to this day a hotspot for abnormalities. Only recently immortal at the time, I had been quite young and foolish. It’s embarrassing to recall. I wish I didn’t remember, now that you ask! Anyway, I only thought that I knew most of all that there was to know about everlasting life. It turns out, I had barely scratched the surface and heaven only knows why or how I had allowed myself to believe that I, at only 221 years of age at the time, could know everything. I was about to get taught a lesson or two, wasn’t I?


            The man had been old with eyes that reminded me almost specifically of pearls. He told me that war was coming. Though naturally, after 200 years of hearing the same thing from several different mouths, I really didn’t think too much of this statement because, well, war was always coming. In the 1700s, war was inevitable and people believed that war would define the world. If you think about it, the present isn’t too different from the past despite what people might have you think.


Anyway, I realized a little late that this situation could not be compared to others. As a result, I woke up alone and the man was not with me as I had been expecting him to be. There was something around my wrist, which was emitting a cold and powerful aura. As I raised my other hand to touch it, I noticed markings all over the skin of my hands, leading up my arms—I had not had them before and I certainly did not remember getting them.


I was not aware that I had been “asleep” for 12 years, no. Initially, I thought I was waking up to a dream, before which I had fallen asleep somewhere odd. After being awake for sometime, I noticed I felt different. I felt more powerful despite the very laggy feeling of having slept for far too long. Mind you, I was not even certain if I had been asleep all along or not, it merely felt that way.


When I first removed the item from my neck to take a better look at it, it shimmered beautifully and small tendrils of cold mist swirled among my fingers as though embracing me and welcoming me to its power. Suddenly, I knew exactly what the item was for, where it had come from, and why I had it. Images of another world, memories of war, death, and struggle flooded my conscious. I remember in fine detail all that had happened in that time.


The strange man—his name is Abel—had taken me to the realm of immortality. The realm is called the Phantom Realm. Contrary to what that might sound like, it is not filled to the brim with people who cannot die but it is the primary realm that produces and maintains immortality itself by recycling life over and over.  However, immortality is essentially a form of magic that defies life itself and the way it is meant to function. Life is only technically meant to be borrowed and then eventually returned.


Three centuries ago—in the realm it would be closer to two millennia—the Phantom Realm was in danger of being destroyed but not quite because there arose a society that disagreed with immortality or anything. Immortals had begun turning on each other. Some immortals do not like humans. In fact, some despise the fact that some of us have become immortal while others were born that way.


Abel is the prophet of the Phantom Realm and he took me with him because he supposedly saw me as one of the primary individuals who brought the war to an end, which I did. At first my role had been minimal but my influence had grown with my passion over time. It was within those centuries of fighting that I truly embraced my immortality. I was just fighting for a cause, something I believed in. I never really intended to be praised or rewarded for it.


Enuir, the strongest and most magically inclined person in the Phantom Realm, gave this piece to me. With it, he asked me to devote my immortal life to surviving the realms and maintaining peace. At the time, the item was meant to enable me to have all the power that I needed to do so. Over the years, however, I’ve gained power on my own and I no longer need it. I trust that the man or woman who owns it next will use it well.


To you, reader of my story, I wish for you to know that the power you will gain from this item will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Though I was immortal when I received it, my power had been nothing compared to what it had been after being given this item. It will strengthen your mind, your soul, and general body. It will enable you to become superior in magic, with which you can do anything… You could be nearly as powerful as the gods who made it.


This bracelet is sterling silver with amber. The only thing that has been changed on this bracelet is the clasp to make it secure.

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