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Everyone always thinks the evil in the world comes from the Illuminati or the NWO. The research usually stops there. If you were to dig a little deeper you would be truly horrified.

The real evil starts at the levels of higher education. I guess, to be honest, it starts when you first enter school. The degenerates are stuck with public school, degenerates otherwise known as the feeders. I'm going to start with the beginning and lead all the way up to the president.

People like to make fun if the caste system in India where you marry according to your wealth and status. Marriages are arranged by the parents otherwise known as the governing body. In the United States, we have the same except that it is global.

It starts when you are born, just like in India. If your parents have money you will attend a private school. This starts in pre-school where you begin networking as children and heading to your path in life. Once you enter college if you can attend an Ivy League school you are recruited by certain global powers. You are recruited not by how smart you are or what you can offer to society but by your parent's money and potential power you could hold. Ties and who you know are taken into consideration. 

You might attend William and Mary or Princeton, Harvard, Yale or Brown. Any of these including NYU have secret societies. Maybe you attended Ole Miss or in high school went to Miss. Porters all-girls boarding school. Who knows but the point is you went to a place of wealth and distinction.

Like I said all of these places have secret societies and you must be recruited to belong. You know some of them already, Skull and Bones are one of the most infamous. There are a ton of them but there is one, one that stands out from the rest. This secret society stands out because while it may not have been the first but it is what sets the global environment and economy. It is what rules the world and all secret societies come together from this one. I should say the beliefs do and the way people are handled come from this ONE society. This is the ruling class and also where the phrase comes from, ruling class.

The secret society I'm talking about is called The Order of Gimghoul. This secret organization is ruled from a Satanic perspective. They have pictures taken with Satan, the image of him. Rituals are done showing murder and human sacrifice. Halloween is an evening when at midnight a sacrifice is done deep in the woods.

Now you may say but they are not the oldest and that is true, they are not. What they are is the most powerful though and for good reason. They reach out to all the other secret clubs and they form a network with the power base being with Gimghoul. Why?

In the early 1800s, a man attending the college went missing and it was suspected that he was murdered and buried on the property. He did indeed go missing but when he did he wasn't even aware of it at first. I know because I met him and heard his story at the black auction. We all did. He was born in 1811 and was quite good looking. He was what was being auctioned, not him but what he was offering. He was offering a 15th-century ring with a carved Lapis skull that held the power of Satan inside it. This doesn't hold Satan but it holds the power I should say of Lucifer before the fall. This makes this item of extreme white light. The problem with the ring is that it is a dual piece and does what you want it to do. This ring is in 18k gold and extremely old. This holds what is known as the power of old. This means it is the ancient magic that has been lost due to mind control and blanking of the human mind with the coming modern age. 

The man's name was Peter and he lives today. He has seen war and been in war. He has been taken back to before the fall and saw the war in the Heavens. He has met with and spoken to celestial beings and given even the knowledge of immortality and invisibility. The immortality came from being able to make his flesh, not age or rot. The invisibility came from the angels both fallen and not.

He spoke to all of us for about an hour and we can only hear what he has to say. Except that the items must be tested and he decided to present his own item to prove what it can do. We all saw with our own eyes that he was telling the truth. Not that anyone doubted him to begin with as we all know this auction very well. Even still, the things he was saying were shocking.

This is the original ring but a replica sits with the Gimghouls and that replica was made for them to good. Unfortunately, that isn't what happened. They control all that happens globally. The wars, who goes to prison, who is the president of what bank, who is the head of the CIA. They even put up who will become president.

Let's talk about the president for a moment. We get Republicans and Democrats for president. Does it matter really who we have? Not really because in all honesty its all the same.  If a Republican wins the Democrats are against them. If The Democrats win, the same thing. This time was much different though. It doesn't matter if you like the current president or not but one thing is different. He really never had any backing from either group. The people yes but not those in power. Now, why would that be? Well for one he didn't belong to one of the major secret clubs but all other presidents did.

Moving away from the president because I'm not trying to get into politics here, moving towards what goes on. All these groups network and no one else can get in. Once in you are not getting out either. You can be the smartest person in the world and even have the best ideas but you are a mere slave to the elite. Your children can be used as sex slaves. you care kept stupid and you better not think for yourself either. You don't want to end up dead, do you?

There is nothing these people don't have access to but the main thing is the hidden occult magic.  Forget politics, forget wealth, if you have this kind of power you have what you want. Did you know one woman belongs to one of the societies is a REAL blood sucking werewolf? Sounds insane right but the werewolf is a main character in Satanic rituals. And you thought I was going to say, vampire! Um no!

Do aliens exist, well they do and again those placed in power are working with them. We are sprayed and given disease at the requests of these otherworldly beings. We are experimented on. We are meaningless because we are not of the elite. 

You can never step out of your hole without the same ammo they use against you. You can't fight without a weapon. Here is your weapon. 

This ring does bring immortality and so much more. You can control what goes on from your home or anywhere else. This is a very hard ring to explain other then it is incredible!




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