The corpse of Hermes

The corpse of Hermes

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The Emerald tablet was found in a tomb under the statue of Hermes.  In the tomb was Hermes of course and his corpse. In his hands he clutched the Emerald tablet and this ring made of bone, the tablet and sterling was made from the tablet. The tablet is said to have been written by the third son of Adam and Eve, Seth. The tablet is said to hold and DOES hold the greatest secrets of the Universe including magic of the Arc, Atlantis and the spoken word of God himself. One of the other things this does is abundance in all forms, which means not just wealth which it does,do but all sorts of magic too.

The types of magic are all. This means from the time of Seth so we are going back to nearly Genesis. All Magic’s no matter what the origin are stemming from this. This is one of the most important pieces of supernatural ever considering where it comes from and its history.  This is one for the more discerning collector. You should have some what of a knowledge of the supernatural  if you purchase this piece as it is strong. While predictable and guidable it is a most supernatural piece of perfection. This again is due to the origins of it's making. I want to be clear on how it was made as reading over this is it not that clear.

The ring is ivory or bone. The sterling comes from a orb inside the Arc and the green stone IS the REAL part of the Emerald tablet. If the stone was bigger you couldn't handle it. Yes this is expensive but then again things are priced as the strength in them.

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