The Council of Nine: Human Mind Possession
The Council of Nine: Human Mind Possession

The Council of Nine: Human Mind Possession

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If we have told you once we have told you a thousand times, the world is not what it seems. We think that we chug along in life in control of our destiny and what happens to our own future. This is simply NOT the case. Instead, Earth is a playground on which extraterrestrial powers have a foothold. We answer to higher beings, but while we are on Earth we answer to the powers that be and these powers are controlled by an elite group of entities that call themselves the Council of Nine.

It is said the Council of Nine is a group of highly evolved individuals who have posited human life on Earth. What I think is meant by this is that they are a Council of Nine powerful beings that were sent by Satan to beguile Adam, each one of them taking the form of a serpent in the attempt to win Adam over and have him eat directly of the Fruit of Knowledge. When they couldn't get Adam to betray God, they put Eve in the spiritual crosshairs and fired. She took the bait and Adam trusted her. They got to him that way. These Nine are the cause of the descent of humankind into a world of sin. So, when it is said the Council of Nine planted humanity on Earth, this is what it means-- they led humanity out of the Garden of Eden and into the peril of Earth.

Why did they do it? Because once the knowledge was given to Adam and Even it stayed with them and it has stayed with humanity ever since. Knowledge and the secrets of the forbidden fruit have been written into our DNA ever since. They can gain this knowledge by possessing the bodies and minds of unwitting humans. Thus these nine "highly evolved" beings rule the world as Serpentine gods. The likes of the Illuminati, the Black and Red Societies, the Bilderberg Group, and others bow to their every command. These groups are the groups that influence government. They ARE the government. They make our laws. Their heavy hands oppress us all. Humanity has been under their onslaught since the beginning. This is what led Cain to slay Abel. This is what has allowed sin to habitually increase even to the point that our society has eroded into a bunch of immoral fools.

Nobody knew this better than Andrija Puharich. He was once under the control of the Council of Nine and worked directly with the CIA on the mind control program MKULTA. He worked on projects including conscious altering drugs, brainwashing, and hypnosis. He also worked on the darker tasks of MKULTA including human possession and the ability to extract knowledge and information from human DNA. After freeing himself from the clutches of this sinister project and the Council of Nine, he was about to out them all. Unfortunately, in 1995 he was murdered right before the release of crucial information regarding the massive secret he was holding on to. He took it to the grave.

Meanwhile, the Council of Nine continues to abduct citizens all over the world in order to possess their body, gain their DNA and absorb the information that is included in it. They are in search of the perfect form. Remember, they are highly advanced, not perfect. They want nothing more than to please Lucifer, who is their ringleader. Thus, they continue to possess human bodies and to send out minor demons to possess humankind as well.

Through using summoning magic we have been able to summon Puharich in his spirit form. He has helped us make three of these pieces. These pieces contain the knowledge of Puharich that he gained while working with the CIA under the jurisdiction of the Council of Nine. This piece allows you to possess the minds of others, as the CIA has done on countless occasions. Why would you want to do this? Easy, to gain the knowledge that other people have. There are a lot of people in the world who have knowledge that you don't. This could be an educational knowledge or magical knowledge.

There's always somebody who is smarter than you or has better magical ability than you do. With this piece, you can look into a person's eyes and know what they know. You will see their life and all the lives they have ever lived. You will gain their knowledge and you will also gain all the powers they have that they know about and even the ones that they don't know about. You can literally hi-jack anyone's mind to gain what you want from them. It will not deplete them of what they possess, as your mind will simply duplicate it.

We have three of these pieces up for sale. They are the bracelets that you see in the listing.

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