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We hear of weird shit all the time around here and I would go as far as to say that we’ve practically seen it all. These days, there’s a lot of politics in the air, a lot of general this and that with the government, and some scandals sprinkled on top. If you’re hoping for this one to restore some kind of hope in our government, which many others and I have said plenty of times is beyond corrupt, I’ll apologize now for the inevitable disappointment.


When this item came into our possession, our first thought was that it was definitely the vessel of a tortured spirit. Whether or not it was an evil spirit or a good one wasn’t clear because rarely can you ever tell such a thing just by looking at someone or something. Tortured spirits do not always lead to evil or vengeful ones.


When I summoned the spirit trapped inside, the woman that appeared before me was not disheveled or necessarily distressed in appearance but she was fairly stubborn. She appeared to have me confused with someone else. When asked who she was, she refused to communicate with me at first but only until she realized that I was not like those who had trapped her. She could sense my intentions and feel my energy; we could relate to each other.


She revealed herself to be Cindy James, upon which I was instantly far more understanding of her original skepticism. If you are unaware of the story of Cindy James, it’s all over the place and has many angles left for one’s own interpretation.


When she was alive, she had been a nurse whose life, up until the age of around forty-four, was fairly normal. After getting a divorce however, someone had begun stalking and harassing her via phone calls and notes left in various places for her to find. Some people believed that the entire thing was a plot made up by Cindy, suggesting that she had been the one writing the notes all along and staging various attacks. Long story short, it hadn’t ended well for her.


After having already been abducted multiple times, Cindy James had eventually gone missing on May 25, 1989 before being found dead two weeks later. She had been tied up and had apparently died by an overdose of morphine. The police hadn’t been certain what to do with the case—was it suicide or homicide?—and to this day, it remains a mystery.


Cindy has a different story to tell. Despite working as a nurse and living a normal life, she has never been normal. She had been born with natural psychic abilities, which she had inherited from her father’s side of the family but she had never really been too interested in strengthening them. Her aspirations in life had always been becoming a nurse.


A while after having achieved her goal, the CIA had openly taken an interest in her, at first simply tailing her and then eventually questioning her. They were aware of her psychic abilities and they seemed to be interested in them from the beginning. If I were to quote verbatim, Cindy claims that ‘they had been a real pain in the ass’. Despite that, she hadn’t thought much about it and had sort of brushed them off. Her marriage was failing, her life was stressful, and work was demanding—she didn’t really have time to worry about the CIA.


About three years after her divorce however, during which she had been spent being harassed and stalked, she says she was abducted and interrogated. She isn’t certain but she is quite sure it was the CIA, looking back on it.


They had attempted to force her into surrendering her psychic powers over to them. When she had out right refused, they eventually gave up and left her to be found for the time being. It happened two more times, during which she would always refuse. The occurrences got scarier and scarier each time; they had tied her up, intimidated her, and had even stabbed her through her hand once. She never expected to survive each abduction but it was apparent that their intention was not to kill her but to hopefully scare her into cooperating.


During the very last abduction, the interrogation had gone to far and their attempt to loosen her tongue with morphine had backfired tremendously. James doesn’t remember much beyond that, only that eventually the pain had stopped, her mind had gone blank, and she wasn’t afraid anymore.


Since we have found her, we have spent a lot of time making up for the damage that had been caused to James. She knows now that she has nothing to fear, especially from those with abilities similar to her own. She is very passionate about ensuring that nothing like what had happened to her happens to others.


We have convinced her that it is not us that may need protection and so she is willing to be handed over to another that may make better use of her aid. The holder of this piece will be able to summon Cindy James’ spirit and communicate with her. Alternatively, the holder of this item will be protected by James’ spirit and be able to channel her abilities. Whether or not you are psychically inclined already, this can be used to allow you to either heighten abilities you already have or to inherit ones that you don’t.


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