The Damascus Enchantress

The Damascus Enchantress

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This piece conjures an ancient enchantress named Armida who was the daughter of the King Arbilan of Damascus.  Raised up by her uncle who was a very powerful magician, Armida was taught the ways of magic and sorcery at a very young age.  Nature had so we endowed Armida that she became more beautiful than the most beautiful woman in Damascus. 


It was for this reason that her uncle sent her as a worthy for against the armies the the Pope had out under the leadership of Godfrey de Bouillon.  Armida cause such a ruckus by charming the crusaders with her brilliant eyes that she almost destroyed the hope of the Christians.


In fact, it is fabled that she was even able to enchant the knight Renaud, holing him up in one of her castles.  It was not without great difficulty that he was disenchanted.  She has a beauty with a reputation for magic that she was not afraid to use. 


This piece conjures the soul of Armida, the princess of Damascus.  When you wear this piece you will become as enchanting as she was, being able to make people fall in love with you at your will.  You can use your newly acquired dashing good looks to get practically anything you want.  I mean-- Armida was able to enchant an entire army.  You'd do well enchanting someone to give their money or to tell you their secrets, or even to get got and heavy with you if that's what you want. 


The choice is yours to make, how will you use the powers of Armida the Enchantress?  

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