The Dark Angel of Maple Grove
The Dark Angel of Maple Grove

The Dark Angel of Maple Grove

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Some of our favorite pieces come as the result of our own investigations.  This is one that we went on few years ago, but we have been holing on to the piece, because we have actually been using it.  It comes from a place called Maple Grove Cemetery in the otherwise boring state of Ohio.  Seriously, there's not much that goes on in this state.  I've been there a bunch of times.  Even some of the paranormal events there suck.  You'd think that they would at least be exciting.  I guess some of them can be kind of exciting, but most of them are uneventful.  It's just a very sleepy state.  

Either way, the investigation took place at the cemetery an involved the legend of the infamous Dark Angel.  Visitors to the cemetery will often be disappointed to find nothing but a slab of granite, an empty pedestal where the Dark Angel used live.  However, the angel is no longer there.  The official story is that the angel was remove and taken to a storage unit indefinitely.  The question they arises, why would it be disturbed?  Whatever the answer that the officials may give, they are covering something up.  The Dark Angel returns to the cemetery to sit on its perch once a year, on the anniversary of the death of the sisters who are buried there.  

During on investigation, we were able to summon the presence of the dark angel, who is only called a dark angel because of the death of the two sisters.  It really is just a normal angel, sent to watch over their souls.  The darkness that surrounds the legend of this angel exists because of the stones appearance the deaths involved.  Nothing more nothing less.  However, the dark angel is still a very powerful angel and while we were on our investigation, we summoned the presence of the angel into this piece.  

Using this piece, the angel will be called forth and will show itself to you in full form.  The result will be that you will be give full white light powers and the ability to grant miracles such as healing and wealth.  The angel will also give you visions of the End Time, during the epic battle of Good versus Evil.  You will gain a knowledge of the number 666, the identity of the beast, what the four horsemen really look like and what will be released with the opening of the seven scrolls.  You will gain a white light magic that will keep you safe and protected from all forms of evil, which will vanquish any evil that tries to assail you back to the pits of Hell.  This is a very simple, yet super powerful piece.

This ring is sterling silver.

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