The Dark Rituals Of Bohemian Grove
The Dark Rituals Of Bohemian Grove

The Dark Rituals Of Bohemian Grove

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This ring can be worn on your finger or chain. You may also just pick it up when you want to use it. 

THIS IS A DARK PIECE!!! We always let people know when we are offering them and it’s clearly noted in the description. This IS a dark piece.

This piece is in the carnival section because we don’t know all the magic is does. We can’t spend a lot of time on it because it’s just set in a plain metal. I do know you can transfer this to another piece if you wish. 

This holds I believe all the dark magic of Bohemian Grove. I say that because it will do simple resurrection of the dead which is one of the more massive things they did. It does have the ability to cause extreme waves of pain in a persons head if you direct it that way. There are many murdered energies of those killed surrounding it.  I also believe due to the plain metal it’s in that it’s a copy piece.  This means power must have been taken or transferred from the original. I say this because I know where I got it, from a guy who escaped a human hunt. Before the hunt he was in one of the cabins as a slave. He had access to pieces. All the other pieces I have are either silver or gold. This piece did attend the ritual of Moloch.  I know it will do dark rituals and spells on demand but we don’t know all it can do. 

Happy exploring!

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