The Decided Ones, META-10 | STAR
The Decided Ones, META-10 | STAR
The Decided Ones, META-10 | STAR
The Decided Ones, META-10 | STAR

The Decided Ones, META-10 | STAR

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The Decided Ones - "The Decided", as is their title - are a hidden rank of individuals under an unknown organization. In fact, they are about the extent of what is known about the secret society from which they come from so it's not explicitly certain what their purpose is. It is only truly known that the society is government-based so it is likely deeply rooted but that is why it's even more difficult to dig anything up about them. However, there is plenty to be told about the Decided ones outside of where exactly they come from. They are a group of superhuman-esque individuals who are ultimately the product of complicated but successful bio-engineering.

For decades now, the topic of DNA has been a big one worldwide and we know that much of it isn't exactly for a good reason, either. It's all an elaborate plan that leads to world domination under someone. Who? Well 'who' is just as big of a question as 'how' and it's even more complicated to answer than 'when' because those are all things that can't be told for certain. The world is moving quickly and DNA engineering is at a new level - the Decided are an example of this. There are exactly ten of them, which is dictated by their title, which holds a double meaning.

"DECA", in this case "Deci" meaning "Ten", "Decided" meaning chosen - together being the Ten Chosen Ones or "META-10"; ten superhumans.

They have been entirely stripped of human weakness but are all susceptible to one 'deactivation' method to keep them loyal to their society. This is yet another reason why no one knows their name, who they are, or under whose order they act. It's impossible to say all of the weaknesses of the superhumans because they guard those secrets nearly as fiercely as they guard those associated with their Order. They maintain an image of invincibility this way, which is why, if you ask anyone deeply rooted in the Underground about them, they won't really even talk about them. They pretend they don't even know they exist half of the time because no one wants to deal with them. So you see, the government has eyes everywhere at all times and even when they don't, people don't want to risk it anymore.

Trust me when I say, the Underground isn't what it used to be.

A few years ago, however, there surface official documents about the META-10 program, which was basically everything about the the Decided Ones. We were lucky enough to get ahold of them, along with some items, which had been used for testing by the same creators of the META-10 program. However, there was still information missing. There was nothing about who had started the program and there was also nothing about weaknesses or original human identities. In fact, after their creation, all traces of human identity - as well as those who may have been associated with them - don't seem to exist but that's nothing new. It's something the government likes to do when they extract someone from society completely without intentions of releasing them back into society.

Among these files, there was an 11th among the other 10. The difference was, the file was almost completely blank. This piece was disclosed in a sealed glass box, which we did have to crack in order to release the item. Once released, the piece was instantly activated. It is one that should not exist and we are not sure why it has been created. It's very existence would suggest that there is meant to be 11 but there is not. There is only ever 10 and they have been the same since the very start of the META-10 program.

This piece heavily alters the DNA of the wearer over time. It first and foremost activates the dormant primal genes in your DNA and then it starts picking them apart instantly. It removes any sign of weakness and completely dispels it from the body. This means, you will ultimately stop aging. Your bones will become solid and durable. Your skill will not be impenetrable but it will become healthier with increased healing compared to the natural rate of human regeneration. You will acquire heightened senses, the most acute of which will be your senses of hearing and smell. You will gain an advanced language comprehension, which will also allow you to pick up on different languages easily but you will also pick up on and adapt to different dialects as well at a rapid pace. You will notice you remember more and more because, as your DNA alters, your memory will improve drastically until you eventually have a complete photographic memory.

This piece is very powerful and advanced in the way of DNA activation and alteration and it completely makes sense why it was concealed from the general public. While in the testing phase, it was not apparent that any of the tests gained an actual weakness like the other members of the META-10 program, which leads us to believe that that is what truly makes this item stand apart from the rest. It is complete superhuman DNA alteration.


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