The Demon Tamer
The Demon Tamer

The Demon Tamer

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One of the most peculiar people that I have ever met in my entire life was a Russian magician that was called Ukrotitel Demonov. If you do a little research, you'll find out that this means demon tamer in English, which is what the magician was known for. I wouldn't say he was a dark magician, but he collected entities called Paigoels. While these entities aren't necessarily demons per se, they are angels who have been cast out of Heaven for taking part in the "Great Sin." So, they are only like half-demons.

Either way, the Demon Tamer has collected many of these entities over the years. Each one of them contains a hidden power that was placed inside of them when they were created. This ring holds a circle of 12 Paigoels that were set into this piece by the Demon Collector.  We got this piece from the Demon Tamer during a trip we took to Russia.  When you wear this ring, you get the power of the 12 Paigoels that has been set inside by the Russian sorcerer.

The 12 powers that you get follow:

1.) The ability to see the future
2.) The ability to find true love
3.) The ability to grant wealth.
4.) The ability to perform spiritual healing
5.) The ability to communicate with angels.
6.) The ability to cleanse the aura and the karma
7.) The ability to travel in the astral realms in your true astral form
8.) The ability to cast white light spells
9.) The ability to negate all dark spells and energies.
10.) The ability to cast out demons
11.) The ability to speak and understand the language of tongues.
12.) The knowledge of the white light sourced magic of the universe.

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