The Depth of the Dracaena Psychological Awakening | STAR | 3
The Depth of the Dracaena Psychological Awakening | STAR | 3
The Depth of the Dracaena Psychological Awakening | STAR | 3

The Depth of the Dracaena Psychological Awakening | STAR | 3

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We met a powerful oracle in New Orleans last winter. Her mother was a great sorcerer whose power was given to her directly from a being that she said had been the Holy Spirit. We don't know how true that is but we know that she herself, in the short time that we interacted with her, exhibited very powerful powers. The oracle's name is Andrya. From her, we learned of the existence of the Dracaena, which are a group of men and women who are extremely psychologically awakened.

They gather periodically throughout the year. Andrya is not a part of the Dracaena but her mother was descended from one of the original founders. She has access to their gatherings and is viewed with high regards because of this.

The power and abilities of the Dracaena stem from ancient sorcerer magic. Around 500 years ago, when the Dracaena was first formed, they were dragon-spirit worshipers, occultists that believed that dragons and dragon spirits were the carriers of the most powerful magic in existence. They had powerful sorcerers called actually called Dragons, which was the highest status among the Dracaena ranks.

These 'Dragons' could manipulate the mind perfectly. The women were considered to be the most beautiful and alluring in all of existence and were used to manipulate kings and queens across the globe without traveling to them. The men were viewed as the most powerful, fit to be kings but the Dracaena were never known for stealing thrones.

They only subtly influenced things for their benefit. They would reach out to their mind and manipulate them psychically and make them do whatever they desired. Most of this remains a consistent practice. However, they have changed over time and their primary practice is exploring the depths of the mind's capabilities. They have since then moved on from dragons to more powerful entities.

I guess you could say we got lucky in being able to attend the Dracaena meeting when we did. They don't usually let outsiders anywhere near them because they try to keep a lot of what they do closer to their circle. The Dracaena perform a conjuring ritual, during which they pull the spirit of an ancient entity - usually an ancient holy spirit or a dual spirit - from another realm into this realm. When the entity enters our realm, you can feel a shift in atmosphere. You can feel the natural power of our world shift in the presence of this spirit - that's how powerful it is.

They did not tell us what entity they had conjured and to this day we do not know but we do know that the power and been immense, so much so that we could all feel the entity in our entire body. When the entity came through, two of the Dracaena sorcerers reached out and touched the entity while the otherwise whispered in ancient serpent tongue.

It's hard to say how long the ritual actually lasted because it seemed like a matter of seconds but then an eternity all at once. Either way, when it was over, these pieces were left behind and presented to us as a gift on behalf the descended of the bloodline of the original founders being present. Because Andrya does not associate with the Dracaena consistently, she insisted that we take them.

These are very powerful psychological pieces and their purpose is to enhance everything to do with the mind. It will make you a powerful psychic. Anything you can imagine that has to do with your mind or utilizing your mind can be made possible through these pieces.

These items are specifically designed to unlock and utilize the entire brain's psychic potential. I'm not just talking about the Third Eye being fully opened - that's just the first step - but it also influences the minds capabilities and interactions with other minds. What this means is that these piece allows you to make conscious use of your entire psychic mind.

You will be able to extend it and even reach out to other minds both noticed and unnoticed, which you can choose to do consciously or unconsciously. You will be able to control minds as well, easily hypnotize other minds and manipulate visions. You will be able to instill thoughts and memories or manipulate memories that already exist. You can experience complete outer body experiences from outside of your mind or the minds of others. You can tap into someone else's mind and instantly know everything the other person knows.

You can peer into a mind and look through another person's thoughts like an archive of memories and ideas and instantly locate whatever it is you intend to find out. You can even influence another person's willpower and make them think that it was their original decision. These items are extremely powerful psychological pieces and what they do is immaculate.

As I said before, there were 4 made, 1 of which we kept for themselves. We tested them all to ensure the power was as immense as the original and it was. We present these 3 pieces to you, with which you will be extremely psychologically, spiritually and magically awakened.



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