The Devil in the Heart of DC
The Devil in the Heart of DC

The Devil in the Heart of DC

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Since its beginning, the United States of America has become one of the riches countries in the world. To begin with, this is no easy feat. The country is still one of the youngest, but it has expanded in such an astronomical way that it almost seems unreal. I'm not going to bore anybody with historical facts, but what we can say is that despite more recent economical downfalls, the Unites States has enjoyed a pretty wealth state of the union. While people will say that this is all attributed to American pride, hard work, and determination, I'm here to tell you that there are things more sinister contributing to the success of America than what most people really understand.


What does ancient Egypt have to do with the modern United States of America? A visit to Washington DC will clearly exhibit signs and symbolism of the Freemasons. The tradition of Freemason magic began with the "election" of George Washington back at the birth of our nation. Washington and a group of his insiders were sent to America by the English to establish a total Freemasonic rule in America. It has often been said that sun doesn't set on the British Empire and this is truth. After a few of the Americans decided they were going to rebel against the British rule, the British allowed them to gain their independence, but single-handedly chose the leaders of the New World, because they knew that they could be trusted to instill the Freemasonic Rule in the United States of America.


In Washington DC there is a secret, hidden Illuminati temple. Aside from the fact that the monuments, even the White House, are built in a paradigm of Freemason symbolism, the headquarters of the Freemason movement in America lie in the heart of Washington DC. There is a Temple there that is donned by modern day sphinxes with the bodies of felines and the heads of man. Statues and murals of the God Saturn can be found throughout the Temple, signifying the Satanic practices and rituals partaken of in this place. There is even a Freemason library complete with a "VIP" section that only the senior ranking Freemasons are allowed to visit. Evidence of a darker American history lie in this building, where only select members of hierarchy are allowed.


Of course after catching wind of the location of this place, it was a must-visit on our list. We stacked our cards just right and soon found ourselves on the inside of the confines. We were there on the night of the Autumnal Equinox, two years ago. We found ourselves donned in black robes, following a Freemason Grandmaster, dressed in a mask with a skull and horns. We followed them down a narrow passage way that descended into a dungeon of sorts. It was there that the ritual began. The man in the mask read from a book in a language we could not distinguish. A painting of the god Saturn was placed front and center as the man read from his book, that was bound in human skin. On the front of this book was a real human eye that glanced around the room. Luckily, we we had created a barrier that would not let the eye detect that we were not part of the rank and file.


As the grand master read from the book, the colors from the painting began to melt onto the floor. They created a puddle from which a very large, ominous looking being ascended. His horns trumped those of the man that was reading from the book. It had claws and talons and eyes that glowed like embers in a fire. As it took form, it let out a screech and fire protruded from the beings mouth. We knew that this was either a demon, or quite possibly the devil himself. The man continued to read from his book and the crowd, of which we were part began chanting. We didn't know what to do, so we just made up our own chant to go with the flow. It was seriously creepy. The chanting continued, getting louder and louder and more rhythmic and forceful. There was somebody behind us banging on a drum. Some of the robed figures threw off their coats, exposing their full naked bodies. They began a fierce sexual rite, right there in front of the whole crowd. As they both neared orgasm, the ominous being left our a deafening screech and then fell back into the puddle from which is had appeared.


The colors rescinded back into the portrait of Saturn and on the floor where the puddle had once been, there were a collection of items. The item that we are offering is one of them. We were only able to get one, as getting two would have been nearly impossible and highly noticeable. We have been with these pieces for a total of two years and about a month. It has taken this long for us to fully test and develop the powers in this piece. I mean, the powers have always been there, but we needed to add a few tweaks to perfect it. First of all, we have blasted-- and I mean blasted-- this piece with white light. As such, this piece is a neutral, dual power piece. Before this, it had dark sorcery undertones and we don't sell evil things.


With this piece, you will undergo a 3rd Degree Freemasonic transformation. Despite the fact that 3 is less than 33, a 3rd Degree Freemason is the highest level of transformation that once can achieve. With this transformation, you will gain the knowledge of the all-seeing eye. It is the coveted Illuminati Eye of Providence. This allows you to instantaneously and thoroughly know all forms of magic. There will not be a form of magic that you will not gain with this transformation. That is because the All-Seeing Eye is the the knowledge of all wisdom. It literally sees and has seen all things. It knows all things and can show you anything you want to see. All you have to do is ask it and it will show you. It will give you the power of all magic, the ability to control all magic, as in your magic will master any form of magic that exists. I would write down a list of types of magic that this piece can do, but there really is so need, because if you can think of a type of magic, this piece will give it to you, no questions asked. It is the embodiment of every magical energy and power, every recorded in history, period. This is why this piece is so powerful. It is the driving force behind why America has become so influential, successful, and wealthy. Can you even begin to imagine the amount of wealth this piece has brought the country? It's power is literally unparalleled.


Your chance to feel this extraordinary power lies in your decision to purchase this item. You do not want to regret blowing your chance to own one of the most powerful items we have ever obtained. The choice is yours, but please make the right decision. Once this piece is gone, we will never have another one.  

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